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How will I know if a student with a disability is enrolled in one of my courses?

Students registered with ODS will submit an Accommodation Letter to you that outlines ODS' recommendations for reasonable accommodations. ODS strongly encourages students with disabilities to present these letters at the beginning of the semester, however, some students elect not to for a variety of reasons. ODS advises these students that accommodations are not retroactive and may be more difficult to negotiate later in the semester.

Why do students with disabilities often need testing accommodations?

Testing accommodations do not alter the content of an exam or what the student is required to demonstrate on the exam, but rather alter the administration of the exam. Examples of testing accommodations include extended time to complete the exam, taking the exam in a reduced distraction location, responding directly on the test booklet rather than on a scantron form, use of a laptop to type essay responses, and use of assistive technology for the exam. The intention of testing accommodations is to remove barriers that traditional exam administration presents to the student due to his or her disability.

Is there a disability statement available for me to include on my syllabus?

In an effort to facilitate the process of identifying of students with disabilities and their accommodation requests early in the semester, the Office of Disability Services has prepared the statement below.

We are optimistic that by including this or a similar statement in syllabi, and by alerting students to this process, those with documented disabilities will secure necessary classroom accommodations in a timely fashion.

"Students with disabilities who are enrolled in this course and who will be requesting documented disability-related accommodations should make an appointment with the Office of Disability Services during the first week of class. Once you have been approved for accommodations, please submit your accommodation letter to me to ensure the successful implementation of those accommodations."

I have received a letter from ODS listing accommodations for a student. How do I know that the student's request for accommodations is warranted?

Federal Law requires reasonable accommodations for students who have documented disabilities. In order for a student to be granted accommodations, s/he must submit documentation from a qualified professional describing a condition which significantly impacts the student's ability to participate in the educational opportunities at YU without accommodations. Experienced ODS staff review the documentation and in consultation with the student, determine reasonable accommodations for each semester. You may contact ODS if you have any questions about any accommodations on a student's accommodation request letter.

What should I do if a student approaches me about an accommodation that was not included in the Accommodation Letter from ODS?

Faculty should refer students to ODS to evaluate the student's new request. ODS will consult with the faculty member to determine if the student’s requested accommodation is appropriate for that course.

Is it fair to other students to provide accommodation to those students with disabilities?

It would be unfair and discriminatory NOT to provide reasonable accommodations to students who have submitted accommodation requests to you from ODS.

What should I do if I suspect that a student may have a disability and might be eligible for accommodations through ODS?

Disclosure of disability is a sensitive issue for many students. If the student discloses information to you which seems to indicate that a disability might be present, or if the student seems to be having difficulty with coursework or access to university facilities which is related to a more obvious disability, you can encourage the student to contact ODS. The request for accommodations, though, must come from the student.

What if I still have questions regarding disability accommodations?

Please feel free to contact the Office of Disability Services any time with questions or concerns regarding students with disabilities at Yeshiva University.