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YU students studying in Glueck Center for Jewish Study

Yeshiva University’s undergraduate schools combine rigorous academics, unsurpassed Jewish Studies (men's; women's) and a nurturing Jewish environment. Students choose from varied courses in the liberal arts and sciences and business, together with comprehensive Jewish studies taught by a talented and diverse faculty. Small class settings encourage intellectual intimacy and creativity.

Stern College for Women

Welcome to the Academic Advisement Center at Stern College

We are your resource for everything related to your academic experience from your first registration through graduation. We will help you define and meet your academic goals and guide you as you advance through your college career. All of our Advisors are available to you at any time. You are not assigned a specific Academic Advisor.  We recommended that you meet one-on-one with an Advisor within the first two weeks of the semester to discuss your adjustment to college and discuss any scheduling adjustment and again, mid-semester, to start thinking about courses for the spring semester.

Of course, Advisors are happy to meet with you any time during the semester if you have any questions or just want someone who will listen to your concerns.

Although you are able to drop in any time, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment when you want to meet with an Advisor. Having an appointment offers you 30 minutes of one to one, undisturbed time to focus on your questions or concerns.  Click here to make and appointment with an academic advisor. To take full advantage of your time with your Advisor, we recommend that you come to the advisement meeting with your questions written down and a copy of your SCW transcript.

Here is some basic information and helpful suggestions as you get started on your academic journey.

To complete a BA degree at Stern College, you must complete the General Education Requirements as well as the Jewish Studies Requirements and the courses required for your major. 

Academic Advisors can help you develop an academic plan to ensure that you complete all of your requirements for graduation in a timely fashion.

During Orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet with Academic Advisors to help you choose courses and plan your schedule.  You can view a sample of what a first year schedule might look like.

In addition to our majors leading to the BA degree, Stern College also offers joint and combined programs with graduate programs in various professions.  Please meet with an Academic Advisor for more information about these programs as there sometimes are specific academic pre- requisites that must be fulfilled. Specialized advisement is available in Pre-Health, Pre-Law, OT, PT, Nursing, Nutrition and PA.  If you are not yet sure of your major and or career direction, the Career Development Center can help you explore your options.

We all welcome you to Stern College and look forward to a helpful and productive relationship.

For further information contact us:
Stern College Academic Advisement Center
Phone: 646-592-4170

Sy Syms School of Business

Syms School of Business offers a comprehensive education in business fundamentals and practice.  

Students entering Syms School of Business after April 2012 will be required to complete a minimum of 128 credits to graduate, dispersed into four main categories: (1) Basic Courses/Humanities/Qualitative, Social, & Natural Sciences, (2) Jewish Studies, (3) Business Core and (4) Major Coursework


(1) Basic Courses/Humanities/Qualitative, Social, & Natural Sciences

Coursework required for Syms School of Business men is as follows: First Year Writing, First Year Seminar, two courses from the categories Contemporary World Cultures, Interpreting the Creative and Cultures over Time, Statistics for Business, Quantitative Methods for Management, Microeconomics, Natural World or Human Behavior and Social Institutions and two 3 credit Syms or YC courses excluding Jewish Studies. AP courses may not be used for these general electives.

(2) Jewish Studies

Syms School of Business students must concurrently be enrolled in and fulfill the requirements of one of four Jewish Studies morning programs:  The Mazer Program of Talmudic Studies (MYP), the Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program (SBMP), the Isaac Brewer College of Hebraic Studies (IBC) or Mechinah.


(1) Basic Courses/Humanities/Qualitative, Social, & Natural Sciences

Coursework required for Syms School of Business women is as follows: Composition and Rhetoric, Speech Communication, English of Foreign Literature, Humanities (Art, Music, History, Philosophy, or Foreign Language), Statistics for Business, Quantitative Methods for Management, Microeconomics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology).

(2) Jewish Studies

All women enrolled in Syms School of Business are required to complete six (6) semesters of CORE and fourteen (14) additional Jewish Studies credits.   CORE is a unit of three courses that total eight (8) or (9) credits.  CORE is required during the first six (6) semesters of attendance on the Beren campus.  The student determines the CORE credit value (3,4,5, or 6) at the time of registration.  Each semester the CORE average grade is recorded for the credit value selected. Courses taken within CORE and the seven (7) additional credits should be chosen to meet the following distribution requirements: Bible (15 credit minimum), Judaic Studies (15 credit minimum), Jewish History (3 credit minimum), Jewish Philosophy (2 credit minimum), and Hebrew. The amount of Hebrew coursework is dependent upon the Hebrew level assigned: HEBR 1101 (5 courses), HEBR 1102 (4 courses), HEBR 1103-1105 (3 courses), HEBR 1106-1108 (2 courses), HEBR 1205 or above (1 course).

All Sy Syms Students

(3) Business Core

Regardless of their major, are required to complete the Business Core, which provides breadth of the business field.  Students must take each of the following courses: Accounting Principles 1, Accounting Principles II, Principles of Finance, Introduction to Information Systems, Principles of Management, and Principles of Marketing. Furthermore, Accounting majors must take Business Law I, while all other Business majors must take Ethical & Legal Environment.

(4) Major Coursework

Syms School of Business offers five major courses of study.  Specific requirements for each course of study are as follows: Accounting, Finance, Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics, Information and Decision Sciences, and Marketing.  

Syms School of Business Students also have the option of Honors and Entrepreneurship Program.

For further information contact us:
Syms School of Business Academic Advising
Phone: 212-960-5400 ext.5544

Yeshiva College

The Basics for Students entering Yeshiva College during or after April 2012

To complete a BA or BS at Yeshiva College, students must complete the Core Curriculum and fulfill the requirements of a major [Click here to view the Major and Minor Fact Sheets].  Students must also complete 128 credits and fulfill residence requirements (84 credits and six full-time semesters on the Wilf Campus). 

Each semester, students register for at least 12 credits and no more than 17.5 credits. YC students must also concurrently be enrolled in and fulfill the requirements of one of four Jewish Studies morning programs:  The Mazer Program of Talmudic Studies (MYP), the Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program (SBMP), the Isaac Brewer College of Hebraic Studies (IBC) or Mechinah.

Take a closer look at the new Yeshiva College Core Curriculum.

Wondering about your first semester schedule?  You’ll meet with an Academic Advisor during Orientation. 

Interested in Pre-Law or Pre-Health?

Pre-Health Advising

The Pre-health Advising Office is here to help you maximize your chances of successfully transitioning to the health professions school of your choice.  It is never too early to begin this process!  Our office will provide you with personal guidance in regards to course selection, extracurricular activities needed for your resume, research and community service programs that will enhance your application, as well as counseling regarding how to successfully manage YU’s dual curriculum.  We encourage you to meet with us as soon as you arrive on campus, join our premed listserv, and ask about our premed mentoring program.  

Pre-Law Advising

Yeshiva University’s strong liberal arts education and dual curriculum provide an excellent background for law school. The Office of Pre-law Advisement provides one-on-one guidance to students from the time they begin to consider a career in the law all the way until they matriculate in law school. Students are encouraged to meet with the pre-law adviser to map out their courses, learn of internship opportunities, draft their personal statements and complete their law school applications. In addition, group advising, in the form of pre-law workshops, is also offered throughout the year.
 Typical Fall Schedule for a First Time on Campus Student

Hebrew      3 credits
 First Year WritingNote:  Honors Program students should take a section labeled Honors   3 credits
 Interpreting the Creative (INTC),  Cultures Over Time (CUOT) or Contemporary World Cultures (COWC)   3 credits
 Intro to a major  3 – 5 credits
 INTC, CUOT, or COWC       3 credits

Students who are interested in taking science courses during their first semester should meet with an academic advisor to discuss a plan.   Students who do not have a clear idea of what they would like to major in should be encouraged to take two additional Core courses, besides First Year Writing.  They can choose an introductory course in a discipline with an academic advisor’s help during Fall orientation.

For further information contact us:
Yeshiva College Academic Advising Center
Phone: 212-960-5276