Room Changes

Roommates are expected to do their best to make a success of their placement.   They are encouraged to find a resolution to the problems or difficult situations before requesting a room change.  When they feel they have exhausted all possible solutions, and a student is interested in changing her room assignment, she should set up a meeting with a housing administrator (link to contact us) to explore her housing options.  Room changes are made only with authorization from the Office of University Housing and Residence Life.

A student can request a room change for the Spring semester by sending an email detailing the request to in late November/early December. 

  • When a students requests to change rooms at the end of the Fall semester, she is expected to move out of her current room and into her new room before winter vacation.
  • Cleanliness: It is the student's responsibility to leave her area (ie. bed, desk, dresser, closet, etc.) as neat and clean.  Each student moving will receive a garbage bag from her RA to help facilitate this process.  A charge of $100 per person will be incurred if there is damage to the room/furniture or if excessive clean-up is required.
  • Transportation: Vans will be available during specific times to assist the student move her belongings to another building.
  • Key Return: The student moving must return her current room and mailbox keys before Intersession.  The student should seal her keys in the envelope provided by her RA and then place them in the Key Return Box on Security's desk in Brookdale Residence Hall.  There is a charge of $35 for a room key and $10 for a mailbox key if they are not returned by the deadline.
  • Key Pick-Up: The student should pick up her new keys from the University Housing and Residence Life office in Brookdale Residence Hall during regular office hours. (link to about us)
  • Male Guests: Male guests will be permitted upstairs in all residence halls during the specific hours throughout the week of Finals to assist with room changes and students moving out of University Housing.  These hours will be emailed to each student during Reading Week.
  • Laundry: For a student to use her laundry card in another building, she must go online and update the CVA# and address assigned to her card. (link to Laundry page)