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Who is eligible for Housing on the Beren Campus?
Undergraduate University Housing accommodations are available on a semester basis to students enrolled in 12 or more undergraduate credits at the Beren Campus.  (12 credits is the minimum requirement for full-time status at the Beren Campus.)  By completing this application, you are agreeing to follow all the rules and regulations, as stated on the Housing pages of the YU website.
Is Housing available for part time students?

A part-time student is eligible for Undergraduate University Housing if the following 3 criteria are met (1) she is graduating in January 2017 (2) she is registered for at least 3 credits of formal on-campus courses, which are required to complete her undergraduate degree (3)  all credits and grades for said courses will appear on her official transcript.  There is a separate application for Part-Time Fall 2016 University  Housing, highlighting important points, which must be submitted for approval by Thursday, April 14th to Dr. Jill Katz, Office of the Dean, 6th floor, 215 Lexington Avenue.

Is housing guaranteed?
Submitting an application does not automatically guarantee a room assignment.  The Office of University Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to grant housing privileges.
Is every student required to be on the meal plan?
The meal plan is mandatory for undergraduate students residing in University Housing.  For the first two semesters that a student is living on campus, she can choose either Plan A or Plan B.  Beginning the third semester, the student has the option of choosing from Plan C as well.  For additional information, go to


Plan A: The total cost of the plan is $3,800 for the year, with a value of $4,000.   $3,300 will be allotted for food on campus (school cafeterias and food marts in the Residence Halls) and $700 will be applied towards “Omni funds” that can be used on either the Beren or Wilf campus’ or at the local restaurants (Eden Wok, Mendys, Pitopia, Tiberias, Chop Chop, Lake Como, Grandma’s Pizza, One Stop Kosher).


Plan B: The total cost of the plan is $3,500 for the year, with a value of $3,500.  $3,000 will be allotted for the food on campus (school cafeterias and food marts in the Residence Halls) and $500 will be applied towards “Omni funds” that can be used on either the Beren or Wilf campus’ or at the local restaurants (Eden Wok, Mendys, Pitopia, Tiberias, Chop Chop, Lake Como, Grandma’s Pizza, One Stop Kosher).


Plan C: The total cost of the plan is $2,800 for the year, with a value of $2,800.  $2,500 will be allotted for the food on campus (school cafeterias and the food marts in the Residence Halls) and $300 will be applied towards “Omni funds” that can be used on either the Beren or Wilf campus’ or at the local restaurants (Eden Wok, Mendys, Pitopia, Tiberias, Chop Chop, Lake Como, Grandma’s Pizza, One Stop Kosher).
Where can one find the online housing application?

Login at, click on “Faculty, Students and Staff,” and login using your Banner ID and Pin number. Then, click on “Undergraduate Housing Application."

Application Information

Current Students
Applications open on Wednesday, April 13th and close at noon on Wednesday, May 4th. 

New Students
Students currently in the S. Daniel Abraham Joint Israel Program will have the opportunity to apply for housing at the Yeshiva University Israel Office in May. Housing applications for all new students opens on Wednesday, April 13th and is due Monday, June 6, 2016.  

It is our goal to maintain a safe and supportive environment to ensure your success. We have created a residence life program singularly geared to help you have the most positive, engaging and enjoyable experience possible at Yeshiva University. 

Yeshiva University has made a conscious effort to keep affordable dormitories below market value in midtown Manhattan in order to accommodate students' needs.

We hope each student embraces this fun, educational and unique environment; the excitement of Midtown Manhattan coupled with the warmth and individual attention of our tight-knit community. 

For any questions regarding the housing application process, please feel free to ask your RA or contact a University Housing and Residence Life administrator at

Is housing available for students in joint or combined degree programs?
Students registered for Joint or Combined Degree Programs (GPATS's Program, Engineering at SUNY, Jewish Education at Azrieli, Jewish Studies at Revel, Nursing at NYU, Occupational Therapy at Columbia, Optometry at SUNY, PA at Mercy, Physical Therapy at NY Medical College or UMDNJ, Podiatry at NY College of Podiatric Medicine) are eligible to reside in University Housing on the Beren campus (Brookdale, Schottenstein, 35th Street, 36th Street Residence Halls) throughout the duration of their program. There is a separate application for Fall 2016 University Housing, highlighting important points for these candidates, which must be submitted for approval by Thursday, April 14th for Fall 2016 University Housing to Dr. Jill Katz, Office of the Dean, 6th floor, 215 Lexington Avenue.
Does a student's current housing assignment guarantee the same placement next year?
Your current housing assignment does not guarantee that you will have the same or similar placement next year.  Please note that every effort will be made to grant your building/housing request, however your request cannot be guaranteed.
Is there a housing deposit?

To access the Housing Application, you must pay the non-refundable and non-transferrable $300 housing deposit, which will be credited to your Fall Housing charges. There are 3 ways you can pay this deposit.

1. ONLINE: There is a link at the beginning of the application to pay online with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). This is the primary way current students pay the deposit.  

2. IN PERSON: The Office of Student Accounts on the Beren Campus will be available Monday—Thursday (215 Lexington, 6th floor,) from 9am—5pm, during regularly scheduled class days to accept checks or credit cards.  

3. PHONE: You can pay this deposit with a credit card over the phone to the Office of Student Accounts (646-592-4165).  

Please ensure that there is no Financial Hold on your account, so that you are able to access the application and your deposit can be processed in a timely manner. 

What if I decide to withdraw from housing?
If a student decides to withdraw from University Housing, she will lose her $300 deposit (see above). If a student withdraws a week prior to when housing opens, she will not be charged for housing. If a student withdraws from housing anytime between the week before housing opens to the 4th week that housing is open, there is a pro-rated weekly refund schedule.  After that point, there is no refund and the student will be billed for the entire semester.
What if I plan to live on campus for one semester next year?
If you plan to live on campus for one semester, you should still follow the process explained on this Housing Information page. In late November/ early December, the Office of University Housing and Residence Life will send out an email, instructing students who will be moving out of University Housing in January to submit a Housing Withdrawal form. Students are billed on a per semester basis for both housing and the meal plan and your account will be adjusted accordingly to reflect your change in status so that you will not be charged for the Spring semester.
What if my credit information is not accurate?
Each student should check that her class standing, as it appears on the application is accurate. If there is an issue, please see the Office of the Registrar to update your credit information.
What is a housing ID number?
Each student is assigned a Housing ID number, in addition to her Banner ID number. This number is the first four letters of your last name, the first four letters of your first legal name, followed by your birthday (MMDDYY) and it must be typed as lowercase letters. Example: Caroline (aka. Chana) Klein’s birthday is August 7, 1997 so her Housing ID number is kleicaro080797.  If either name is only three letters, just input the complete name.  When requesting a roommate, input her Housing ID number rather than her name. Therefore, it is important to share this number only with the students you will be requesting as roommates. This process ensures that the roommate requests are mutual.
Are emergency contacts necessary?
Three emergency contacts are required for the application. Their home, day and cell phone numbers must be submitted. It is recommended that these individuals are people you would feel comfortable with Yeshiva University contacting in case of an emergency.  It is strongly recommended that all your emergency contacts be relatives over the age of 18 years old, and that at least one contact (relative or not) live in the New York area.
What information should be included on the medical page?
If you have a request for special accommodations due to a medical condition, disability or other circumstances, a detailed description in the comment section of the medical page is necessary.  Additionally, it is imperative to make an appointment with a University Housing and Residence Life Administrator before finalizing her housing application. Documentation is required before special accommodation requests can be considered. Proper documentation must be provided by the May 4th, 2016 deadline. Even if documentation has been provided in the past, updated information is required.
How are the residence halls different?

There will be an OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday, April 12th from 9:00pm-10:30pm, where you can view the various room options in 35th Street, 36th Street and Schottenstein Residence Halls. It is strongly recommended that you participate in this program so they can make educated decisions regarding your housing choices.

Brookdale Residence Hall, 50 East 34th Street, is a 20-story building consisting of Standard 4 person rooms and 5 person suites, housing all freshmen, sophomores and a high percentage of the junior class. Over the summer, both public bathrooms on the 1st floor will be renovated as well as the patio space located behind the back lounge. It is conveniently located across the street from Mendy's Tiberias and Eden Wok restaurants, which are all part of the Omni fund on the Meal Plan.   

Brookdale Residence Hall, 50 East 34th Street, will also offer Deluxe rooms for the first time this upcoming semester. There will be sixteen 4 person rooms which will be updated this summer, to include renovated bathrooms and full kitches (ie: full refrigerators, electric ovens, microwaves).  

Schottenstein Residence Hall, 119 East 29th Street, will remain the Schottenstein undergraduate women's residence and 148 Lexington Avenue (currently known as Schottenstein East) will be configured as a new, separate Schottenstein facility for Cardozo students to be known as The Benjamin. Each residence facilitiy will be separate with its own entrance, fitness center, laundry room and lounges. The layout of 119 East 29th Street offers single rooms with communal bathrooms; a cluster of 2 or 3 people means 2 or 3 rooms near each other. The Schottenstein undergraduate dormitory will received a new fitness center in teh basement, a remodeled Front Lounge and shelving space in each communal bathroom over the summer. There are also plans to create a large communal kitchen to be available no later than Fall 2017. It will also continue to house the second floor Beit Midrash and Cafe 29 food mart. 

35th Street Residence Hall, 150 East 35th Street, is an upscale dormitory consisting of 4, 6 and 8 person apartments with full kitchens. One must request a complete apartment of 4, 6 or 8 students. These luxury apartments are equipped with marble kitchen countertops, state of the art appliances and modern bathrooms. It is conveniently located around the corner from Stanton hall. 

36th Street Residence Hall, 151 East 36th Street, is a 5-story walk-up dormitory consisting of single and double rooms (1 room for 2 people) with communal bathrooms; a cluster of 2 or 3 people for 36th Street means 2 or 3 rooms near each other on the same floor. This summer, shelving will be added to each communal bathroom, ensuring a space for every students' toiletries. Additionally, a beautification project will be underway to renovate the outdoor garden space behind the front lounge. 

How will it be decided who is assigned Brookdale deluxe rooms?
Brookdale Deluxe rooms will be assigned by seniority and need, just as housing assignments are determined on campus. 
Am I eligible to live in 35th Street?
Every student on campus is eligible to live in Brookdale Standard, Brookdale Deluxe, Schottenstein and 36th Street rooms. If a student receives more that $10,000 in need-based aid from Yeshiva University (excluding academic scholarships and Federal or State financial aid), she is not eligible for residency in 35th Street Residence Hall. If you need clarification on your financial aid package, please contact Mr. Robert Friedman at or call (212) 960-5399. 
If a current student does not have a full room option, how can she choose pot luck?
Current students do not have a pot luck option. They are responsible to submit viable roommate options for each housing choice. If one encounters an issue, please contact a Housing Administrator. 
Is there are requirement to request a standard Brookdale room?
Students who will be Freshmen, Sophomores or Juniors for the upcoming semester, are required to submit a Standard Brookdale room option consisting of a full room. Any student who will be a Senior according to the credits for the upcoming semester, is not required to submit a Brookdale option.
What are my housing assignment options?

There are 5 housing options. Within each option, you must select one of the bulleted choices. In order for your request to be considered a mutual request, you and your cluster mates must request the same buildings in the same order.


4 Person Room
5 Person Room


4 Person Room with renovated bathroom and full kitchen


Single Room
2 rooms near one another on the same floor
3 rooms near one another on the same floor


Four Person Apartment
Six Person Apartment
Eight Person Apartment 


Single Room  
2 rooms near one another on the same floor  
3 rooms near one another on the same floor  
1 Room for 2 people (Double)

Do I need to request a full room?
A full room is required when submitting each housing option.
What are the chances of receiving my first choice housing request?
This is a highly competitive process. There are many factors that are considered in coordinating housing placements, including but not limited to one's class standing. Therefore, it is important that all of your housing requests are viable options and that you are not relying solely on your first choice. You are strongly encouraged to submit her housing application by the deadline.
What is the best room on campus?
There are about 960 students in housing on the Beren Campus, and each one of them is going to have a different idea about the qualities that comprise the ideal room.  For some people, it's location, location, location. For others, the size of the room is most important. Others might think the most important thing is to live with or near friends, regardless of other qualities. Thus, the best room on campus is the one that most closely matches each individual student’s priorities.
What factors should I take into consideration when choosing roommates?
Each student enters the housing experience with a unique set of personality traits, habits and beliefs about what dorm life should be like. Take a moment to prioritize your needs/preferences, before choosing your roommate(s). Then, assess your compatibility based on your personal preferences, needs and views (ie: religious and cultural backgrounds, study habits, sleep schedules, etc.) to make the best possible decisions for your housing future. Remember, it is not essential that you seek out someone just like you or that you and your roommate(s) become best friends. Politeness, respect and open communication are all paramount in fostering healthy roommate relationships.
How do I request to live with a student who is not yet on campus?
If you are requesting to live with someone who has already been admitted to Yeshiva University, you should find out her Housing ID number and proceed with the application process as you would if she were already living in Brookdale. If she does not fit into this category, the application will not recognize her Housing ID so you should mention her name in the Roommate Comment page.  A Housing Administrator can then intervene and help you finalize your roommate requests, as the system will not continue with the application until each Housing ID number is properly input. 
Can sections that I already filled out be saved overnight?
The information you input is automatically saved and you have the ability to return to the application at a later time. Once you have paid and reviewed all of your information, click the “Finalize” button, and the application will be finalized. If you do not click "Finalize," your application is not submitted and cannot be processed. If there is a need to change/update any information once the application has been submitted, please contact the Office of University Housing and Residence Life.
What does the deadline mean?
All applications received by the deadline will be considered on the same basis, this is NOT a “first come, first serve” system. Please remember that not submitting your housing application on time places the people requesting you at risk of not receiving their request as well.  If the Office of University Housing and Residence Life does not receive your completed application by the Wednesday, May 4, 2016 deadline, it will be assumed that you are not requesting University Housing for the Fall 2016 semester. If circumstance change and someone needs to submit a housing application after the deadline, contact the Office of University Housing and Residence Life (646-592-4136, The system can be re-opened for a designated short period of time. Please keep in mind that all late applications will be processed after those received by the deadline.
What happens after I submit the online housing application?
You will receive an email confirmation upon the receipt of your completed Housing Application. By the first week in August, you will receive an email stating your building assignement for the 2016-2017 academic year. You will find out your exact room assignment when you pick up your keys during Check-In beginning on August 24, 2016.
Have a wonderful summer!  
We look forward to welcoming your back to campus in August!