Rules and Regulations

As a member of our residential community, you have a responsibilities and a commitment to others.

In general, you should:

  1. Respect the basic rights of others.
  2. Respect University property and the personal property of others.
  3. Refrain from activities that interfere with the regular operations of the University.
  4. Present identification upon the request of an authorized University official.
  5. Ensure that guests behave in a manner consistent with University and housing policies.
Quiet Hours

Designated quiet hours in ALL residence halls begin at 11 p.m. Quiet hours are maintained to provide an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, study, and sleep within our residence community. 

During designated quiet hours, no noise should be heard outside of your rooms. You should not engage in any form of disruptive activity in hallways or other public areas, inside or near residences. 

Students who cause disturbances or excessive noise at any time will be subject to disciplinary action.

Personalizing your Room

We encourage you to create a comfortable, personalized, and functional living space. You are welcome to decorate your room with personal memorabilia. 

Keep these guidelines in mind: 


  1. Room furnishings, including wall posters, should be in consonance with the standards of propriety for the Yeshiva University community.
  2. You may affix items to the wall using masking tape, as that will not damage the walls. Do not use nails, tacks, certain tapes, contact paper, wallpaper, and the like. If you need assistance, please complete a Facilities Management work order form. Also note that you will be financially responsible for any damage to the walls.
  3. You will be responsible for damage to University property and facilities in your room or public areas.
  4. Please do not tamper with thermostat valves attached to radiators; report any heating problem to Facilities Management.
  5. Furniture may not be removed from student rooms. Furniture may not be taken into student rooms from other rooms or from any other area of the University. No furniture may be removed or exchanged from any of the study spaces/halls.
  6. Residence facilities may not be utilized for the purpose of conducting any form of private business.
  7. Nothing may be posted on the windows of your room. Nothing should be stored on your windowsills, since this presents a danger to passersby.
  8. No flyers, notices, or other written materials may be posted or distributed under the doors of student rooms or in mailboxes without authorization from the Office of Residence Life.
  9. University housing does not allow pets.
  10. Telephone jacks may not be removed from student rooms.

Yeshiva University is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings. Many families have homeowners' insurance policies or special "floaters" added to the policy to cover losses away from home. For everyone's benefit, please report any losses or thefts immediately to the Office of Safety and Security at the Beren Campus, as well as to your RA and the Office of University Housing and Residence Life in Brookdale Hall.

Alcohol and Drug Policy/Illegal Substances

Possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited and will subject the students involved to dismissal from the university.

In accordance with Yeshiva University's Drug and Alcohol Policy, undergraduate students, regardless of age, are prohibited from possessing and consuming alcoholic beverages on Yeshiva University premises. Students are also prohibited from possessing any drug paraphernalia.

Smoking (cigarettes, ecigs, vaporizers, cigars, pipes, hookahs, water pipes, and the like) is prohibited everywhere within all university residences including students' rooms, bathrooms, corridors, elevators, stairways, lounges, study halls, balconies, etc. All forms of gambling and/or card playing are prohibited in the residences as well. Any of the above behavior will subject the students involved to dismissal from the university.

Any student receiving a government grant who is involved with the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance will lose her government grant. Furthermore, the university will be required to notify the appropriate government offices of any student receiving a government grant who is involved with drugs.

The following will subject the student involved to dismissal from the residences:

  • Setting a fire, unauthorized use of a fire extinguisher, or setting off a false alarm.
  • Possession and/or use of all forms of fireworks.
  • Throwing objects from residence windows or any other area of the buildings.
  • Causing damage to or use of public or private telephones for dishonest purposes or harassment.
  • Causing damage to or tampering with elevators, mailboxes or vending machines.
  • Possession of firearms, other weapons, or any implement perceived by the university or by the students as dangerous.
  • Being present on the rooftop of the residences. The rooftop is off limits at all times except in case of a fire emergency situation. Security personnel check the roof regularly.
  • Unauthorized installation of cables, electrical wiring, or telephone lines on the premises of the residences.
  • Causing damage to any university housing property.

Nothing should be stored on your windowsills, since this presents a danger to passersby.

The students assigned to a room will be held responsible for any violation of regulations that occurs in their room even if they are not present.