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Women's Housing

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University Housing closes the four dormitories as well as the 251 Lexington Avenue Apartments several times throughout the academic year for Yom Tov.  The specific dates and times are listed below. Any student who is interested in home hospitality for those times, should call the Office of Student Affairs at (212) 340-7715. Please note that University Housing will remain open throughout winter break. 
Please remember to do the following before leaving the dormitories for vacation: close all windows, unplug anything electrical, turn off all lights, empty the garbage cans, turn off the air conditioner/heating unit, secure all valuables and double lock the door.
Calendar for 2012 - 2013 
November Monday, November 12th        
Housing Applications Open for Incoming Spring 2013 Students  
December  Tuesday, December 11th Thursday, December 13th Thursday, December 27th            
Donut Night / Brookdale Menorah 
Room Switches Announced
JanuaryTuesday, January 8thThursday, January 10thSunday, January 20thWednesday, January 23rd        RA/GA Applications Available 
February Sunday, February 3rd Thursday, February 8th Tuesday, February 12thWednesday, February 27th       
Fitness Week Begins
Fitness Week Ends
RA/GA Applications Due
Brookdale Karaoke Movie Night
MarchFriday, March 15thSunday, March 24th          RA Group Interview   
University Housing Closes for Pesach at 5pm
AprilWednesday, April 3rdMonday, April 8thMonday, April 8thWednesday, April 17thWednesday, April 24thMonday, April 29th       
University Housing Re-opens
University Housing Open House   
MayMonday, May 20th       
Midnight Madness 
Sunday, June 2nd  
University Housing Closes at
 11 am