Keys are a basic part of maintaining a safe and secure campus experience. In order to protect the belongings of all University Housing students, each student is expected to lock the door to her room at all times. Upon moving onto campus, each student will receive a room key and either a mailbox key or a mailbox code depending on the specific Residence Hall. Yeshiva University issued keys may not be duplicated. Any student attempting to do so may be subject to disciplinary action.  All room and key switches must go through the Office of University Housing and Residence Life. If a student loses her key or suspects it has been stolen, she should notify Security immediately and order a replacement key. 


Lost and Replacement Keys  
  • If a student loses her key, there is a $35 fee to replace a room key and a $10 fee to replace a mailbox key. 
  • If one roommate misplaces a key, the lock will be changed by the university locksmith and all roommates will receive a new key. Only the one roommate who lost the key will be charged for the replacement key.  
  • The student can pay with cash or a credit card. The student must first go to the Office of Student Accounts which is located on the 6th floor of 215 Lexington Avenue, where she will pay. Next, she should proceed to the Office of University Housing & Residence Life (215 Lexington, Room 520) to submit a copy of her receipt. The key(s) will then be ordered.
  • Once the lock is changed and a replacement room key is made, a note will be placed on the student's door and the key will be available to be picked up from the Office of University Housing & Residence Life between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm.
  • In the interim until the student's new key arrives, Security is available to open and lock the room after the student presents their ID. If the student needs to check her mail while waiting for a replacement key, she can ask the RA on Duty to open her mailbox for her.
 Key Return 
At the end of the academic year, each student will receive an envelope from her RA, labeled with her name, current housing assignment and her mailbox number. Upon moving out, every student must place her keys in this envelope and close it securely. The envelope is to then be placed in the Key Drop-Off Box next to the Security desk in each residence hall.     
  • If the correct procedure for returning your key is not followed by the appointed time, the student will be billed $35 for the room key and $10 for the mailbox key by the Office of Student Accounts.  
  • Once a student has handed in her keys at the end of the semester, she is officially out of housing. Her entire space must be completely empty at that time.