YU Wireless 

YU Wireless is the internet service available in all academic buildings on campus. For further information, click here.
For the Information Technology Services Handbook for Students, click here.
For additional support contact the ITS Academic Computing Office by emailing or calling 212-340-7772.


As of Summer 2018, we have completed a major improvement to the Yeshiva University wireless network! Now all Manhattan residence halls have wireless network connectivity provided by our partner, Privatel, Inc., called "YUHousing".

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I log in to YUHousing?

  • You will log on with your University-provided Active Directory credentials

How do I find my YUAD credentials? 

  • If you don't know your credentials or are unsure what they might be, you can use an online tool at

What if I receive an "Invalid Credentials" error? 

  • If you receive this error, please contact the YU Helpdesk at (800) 829-7418 or e-mail 

What if I need technical or wireless access assistance/support? 

How do I connect a device that doesn't have a screen?

  • Connecting such devices is easy, and we have made an instructional video to guide you through it.  Or you can view instructions online

Where can I find other University Information Technology Services policies for students?

  • The Information Technology Services Handbook for Students can be found here.

As a reminder, please be mindful with your internet usage. Illegal downloading, illegal file sharing or online piracy may result in a disciplinary hearing and intermittent or loss of internet access.