YU Wireless 
YU Wireless is the internet service available in all academic buildings on campus.  For further information, click here.
For the Information Technology Services Handbook for Students, click here.
For additional support contact the ITS Academic Computing Office by emailing or calling 212-340-7772

Verizon FiOS 50/25 Quantum Speed service is accessible in every dorm room in Brookdale, Schottenstein, 35th Street and 36th Street Residence Halls. Internet service, in its existing 50/25 speed is being covered by the University. 

Login Information:

  • When logging in for the first time in a new space (ie. friend’s dorm room, lounge), you must enter the information on the card near the router.  That network name and password will not need to be re-entered during subsequent uses in that room or area
  • To access your room’s FiOS Internet Account, search for the available networks on your device.  Once the preferred network is located, connect to it by entering the password.  Save your preferred network settings with the password for easier access next time.
  • All Network Names and Passwords are case sensitive and must be typed in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • If studying in a hallway, refer to the list on the bulletin board for router information on that floor.  Communicate with the router closest to your location.
  • Routers have been installed in all dormitory lounges.  The network name is BEREN and the password is YUSTUDENT.

FiOS Directions
FiOS Regulations:
  • No student is permitted to change the network name or password associated with any router.
  • The router power plugs must remain plugged into the wall outlet at all times.
  • Illegal downloading, illegal file sharing or online piracy may result in a disciplinary hearing and intermittent or permanent loss of internet access.  FiOS will send the University a warning and then they may temporarily reduce internet connection speed or suspend the account, depending on the number of infractions on any given one router.
Cable Television
  • Yeshiva University is not providing cable television service, which is not permitted in University Housing. There may be ramifications if you attempt to adjust these Verizon services.
  • There is a communal television in one lounge of each residence hall, as well as in the fitness center in every dorm.  While we encourage students to take advantage of the many channels FiOS cable has to offer, students are not permitted to select any on demand movies, channels or other features where additional fees are charged.

Please report any FiOS related issues to