A guest is defined as an individual who is not officially residing in University Housing.  Violation of any of the following guidelines is grounds for dismissal or other disciplinary action from the University.

Female Day Visitor
  • Yeshiva University reserves the right to screen and restrict visitors in the interests of the safety and well-being of our students.
  • Under no circumstances is any student or visitor permitted in a residence hall room not assigned to her without invitation or authorization from the assigned occupants of that room or the Office of University Housing & Residence Life.
  • Female guests are required to show photo identification when signing in with the security guard stationed in the lobby of the Residence Hall.
  • The student host is required to be present when her guest is signed in and throughout her stay.
  • The student host is responsible for the behavior of her visitor, and is asked to conform to the halachic standards and the standards of conduct of Yeshiva University.
  • All females are welcome to visit the Residence Halls, there are no age restrictions for visitors who are not staying overnight.
Overnight Guests

All overnight guests must be at least 16 years old or of college age.  They are welcome to stay overnight in the dormitories under the following conditions:

  • Individuals under the age of 16 may not be overnight guests. They may visit during the day, accompanied by a student host/responsible adult.
  • It is strongly recommended that the student host check with all her roommates to make sure they are willing to have a guest. Specific permission must be given for a guest to use a student's bed. Guests are permitted to stay no longer than 3 consecutive nights or more than 5 nights in a 3 week period.
  • The student host must be available to sign her guest in when she arrives and must be present during the entire duration of her guest's visit.
  • The student host is responsible for the behaviors and actions of her guest/visitor; she must comply with all of our regulations and halachic (Jewish law) standards.
  • An overnight Guest Authorization Form, obtained at the residence hall security desk will be filled out upon the guest's arrival. Then, the completed Guest Authorization Form must be officially approved by  the RA on duty.  It will serve as her visitor's pass for the duration of her stay and should be with her at all times.
  • Guests may not be housed in lounges, study halls, or unoccupied student rooms.
  • Student hosts should ensure that her guest has a bed to sleep in.
Male Visitors

Photo identification is required for entrance into each residence hall and must be left with Security for the duration of the guest's visit. Please remember to retrieve the ID from the Security desk upon leaving campus. The front lounge in each dormitory is open to male visitors until 4:00am. The Brookdale Residence Hall back lounge is open to male visitors until 10:00 pm. These parameters apply to males over the age of 4 years old. Boys, aged 4 and under, are permitted upstairs and must be signed in as a day visitor.

Male visitors, including relatives, are not permitted anywhere else in the residence facilities at any time. Males are permitted in the entrance level of the 251 Lexington Avenue apartments, but are not permitted upstairs and in any of the apartments. Males will be permitted in dormitory rooms during designated hours throughout the moving in and moving out process.