Refrigerators and Microwaves

There are three communal microwaves in University Housing for students to use.  It is expected that only OU food is heated in these microwaves.  Their locations are listed below:

  • In the back lounge of Brookdale Residence Hall
  • In the back lounge of Schottenstein Residence Hall
  • In the hallway of the back lounge of 36th Street Residence Hall 

Students may choose to have a microwave and/or small refrigerator in their room.  Some students opt to use these appliances exclusively, while others may decide to share with their roommates.  Alternatively, the roommates may agree to rent or buy a microwave and/or refrigerator together.  It is important to discuss the details with one another.

  • Microwave ovens are the only cooking appliances permitted in undergraduate university housing, according to New York City fire regulations and residence codes.  Fire and safety inspections of rooms are conducted during the school year and prohibited appliances will be confiscated.
  • Small refrigerators of five cubic feet or less are permitted only in accordance with official specifications.

Yeshiva University has partnered with University Logistics as its official refrigerator, freezer and microwave rental provider.  When students place an order through this company, the appliance will be delivered directly to the student's room at an appointed time coordinated by the Office of University Housing and Residence Life.  The student does not have to be present during the time of delivery.  At the end of the year, the student just needs to empty and defrost her refrigerator.  University Logistics will pick it up after the students leave for the summer.  Please call 800-525-7307 or visit for further information.

University Logistics Brochure

Additional Permitted Appliances and Electronics

  • Desk lights, irons, non-commercial hair dryers, computers, and other similar appliances are permitted in University Housing.
  • Keurigs and other coffee makers are acceptable appliances, as long as there is no open flame or coil.
  • Other cooking appliances (but no open-flame devices) can be used in the kitchen area in 35th Street and IHP apartments, as well as Brookdale Deluxe rooms (ie blenders, food processors, hand mixers, etc.)
  • The use of extension cords is discouraged; power strips with surge protectors are preferable.
  • Non-University space heaters and air conditioners, open-coiled appliances and halogen lamps are not permitted in University Housing.
  • One lounge in each residence hall is equipped with basic cable TV. Cable TV is not permitted in student rooms in any University Housing location.