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Our motto at University Housing and Residence Life is "Together Everyone Achieves More" (aka TEAM). There is a TEAM of staff members available to answer questions, offer support, or laugh with at 2 am in the middle of midterms. This TEAM is in place to help student's transition to dormitory living smoothly and help each individual navigate college life. 

You can expect each member of the University Housing and Residence Life staff to:

Be friendly, respectful and patient
Accept all members of the community and appreciate individuality
Educate students about the resources available on campus
Support each student's needs
Promote positive social interaction
Set up monthly floor programs for their residents to get to know one another
Encourage floor members to get involved in University activities
Help resolve conflicts between roommates or floor mates

There are two main University Housing and Residence Life offices, staffed daily by Housing administrators. One is located on the first floor of Brookdale Residence Hall and the other is located on the first floor of 35th Street Residence Hall. 


There are five Graduate Assistants (GA's) living on campus to help facilitate residents' needs. They oversee the residence halls and manage all campus wide issues that arise throughout the evenings and weekends in conjunction with the Director/Assistant Director of University Housing and Residence Life. Additionally, GAs help facilitate all undergraduate student medical and psychological emergencies on campus. Security or the student's RA can contact the GA on duty at any time.


Resident Advisors (RA's) are full-time undergraduate Yeshiva University juniors and seniors, living in university housing. There is an RA responsible for each floor in housing. Students often stop by their RA's room to ask random questions as well as to address more serious topics. The RA's are creative program planners, as well as resources and advocates for the residents on their floors. They serve as vehicles in the development of the residence hall communities and deal with concerns of the students. The RA's also assist with daily, Shabbat and vacation duty coverage, planning monthly floor programs, and administrative tasks associated with the operation of the entire University Housing community. 

RA's are on duty throughout the residence halls:

Brookdale RA Office: Sunday -Thursday, 9 p.m. - midnight
Schottenstein RA Office: Sunday - Thursday, 9pm - 10:30 pm
36th Street RA office: Monday and Wednesday, 9 pm -10:30pm
35th Street RA office: Tuesday and Thursday, 9 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

There are also University Housing and Residence Life staff members are on duty every Shabbat.


Do you have leadership skills and a concern for others? Do you represent the values and ideals of YU? Do you want to organize floor and building activities, perform some administrative tasks and help your peers deal with problems?

All GA and RA applications for the upcoming year are due Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

Click here for the GA application  

Click here for the RA application

Click here for the Recommendation form