Living with other students is one of the most rewarding and valuable components of your college experience. You will have the opportunity to make lifelong friends, be challenged intellectually and develop important social ties that will influence you throughout your life. Living in University housing gives you the opportunity to learn to understand and appreciate others.

Keep in mind, it is normal to have difficulties in adjusting to college life and a new roommate, even one you were already friends with. In any communal living setting, it is important to maintain honesty, consideration, mutual respect, communication, and compromise.

Here are some specific guidelines for getting along with your roommate:

  • Communicate. Discuss pet peeves, personal habits, sleeping and waking schedules, musical tastes, comfortable noise levels and other expectations. Have an initial discussion on how to arrange the room, what accessories to buy and how to decide who pays for what and who will keep it at the end of the year.
  • Set ground rules. Who can borrow what, when and for how long? What time will the lights be turned off?
  • Make an effort to keep your living space clean, comfortable and pleasant. The more livable your space is, the happier and more productive you will be.
  • Ask your roommate and inform your RA, before you accommodate an overnight guest. Make agreements and keep your word.

If difficulties arise ...

  • Talk it over with your roommate and your RA. Don't wait until the differences escalate.
  • If after discussions with your roommate and RA, you feel a room change is the best solution, please discuss the matter further with the Director of University Housing & Residence Life. Changes will be processed after the first two weeks of a new semester. No room changes can be made without official approval from the Director of University Housing & Residence Life.