Shabbat is a warm communal experience in University Housing. Refreshments and board games are put out every Friday night and Shabbat afternoon in each dormitory lounge for student enjoyment, and a variety of programs is planned in partnership with the Office of Student Life and Undegraduate Torah Studies. Elevators in the residence halls are set to run automatically on Shabbat.

Shabbat programming is aimed to be inclusive of students from all backgrounds and inclinations. To achieve the Shabbat environment we strive for, in University Housing residence halls, public observance of Shabbat is mandatory for students and guests. It is the student's responsibility and that of any guests he hosts for Shabbat to abide by the residence regulations.

  • Students' and guests' behavior and dress should be appropriate for Shabbat
  • No Shabbat candles may be lit in student rooms because of NYC fire regulations

The use of computers or electronic devices is prohibited on Shabbat. Use of such appliances on Shabbat will be treated as a violation of Housing rules, and the student involved will be subject to disciplinary action.