Alcohol and Drug Policy/Illegal Substances

Possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited and will subject students involved to university disciplinary process and may result in dismissal.

In accordance with Yeshiva University's Drug and Alcohol Policy, undergraduate students, regardless of age, are prohibited from possessing and consuming alcoholic beverages on Yeshiva University premises. Students are also prohibited from possessing any drug paraphernalia.

Smoking (cigarettes, hookahs, water pipes and electrical cigarettes) is prohibited everywhere within all university residences including students' rooms, bathrooms, corridors, elevators, stairways, lounges, study halls, balconies, etc. All forms of gambling and/or card playing are prohibited in the residences as well. Any of the above behavior will subject the students involved to dismissal from the university.  Possession of these items is against University Housing policy.

Any student receiving a government grant who is involved with the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance will lose his/her government grant. Furthermore, the university will be required to notify the appropriate government offices of any student receiving a government grant who is involved with drugs.

The following will subject the student involved to dismissal from the residences:

  • Setting a fire, unauthorized use of a fire extinguisher, or setting off a false alarm.
  • Possession and/or use of all forms of fireworks.
  • Throwing objects from residence windows or any other area of the buildings.
  • Causing damage to or use of public or private telephones for dishonest purposes or harassment.
  • Causing damage to or tampering with elevators, mailboxes or vending machines.
  • Possession of firearms, other weapons, or any implement perceived by the university or by the students as dangerous.
  • Being present on the rooftop of the residences. The rooftop is off limits at all times except in case of a fire emergency situation. Security personnel check the roof regularly.
  • Unauthorized installation of cables, electrical wiring, or telephone lines on the premises of the residences.
  • Causing damage to any university housing property.

Nothing should be stored on your windowsills, since this presents a danger to passersby.

The students assigned to a room will be held responsible for any violation of regulations that occurs in their room even if they are not present.