Communal Living

As a member of our residential community, you have a responsibilities and a commitment to others.

In general, you should:

  1. Respect the basic rights of others.
  2. Respect University property and the personal property of others.
  3. Refrain from activities that interfere with the regular operations of the University.
  4. Present identification upon the request of an authorized University official.
  5. Ensure that guests behave in a manner consistent with University and housing policies.

Quiet Hours

Designated quiet hours in ALL residence halls begin at 11 p.m. Quiet hours are maintained to provide an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, study, and sleep within our residence community. 

During designated quiet hours, no noise should be heard outside of your rooms. You should not engage in any form of disruptive activity in hallways or other public areas, inside or near residences. 

Students who cause disturbances or excessive noise at any time will be subject to disciplinary action.