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Summer Housing

Student housing closes at the end of spring semester (Friday, May 27, 2016). 


The Wilf Campus offers Summer Housing options during Summer Session I (May 27 - July 1) and Session II (July 1 - August 5):



  • During Session I, students enrolled in "June Z'man" commit to learning and receive housing at a reduced fee.  For more information, see the application or speak with the RIETS office.
  • For students taking summer classes at YU, or participating in internships or research, there is housing available in Morgenstern Hall.

University Housing requires observance of Jewish Sabbath and Kosher dietary laws in all residence halls. Most students residing in Housing for Session I and all students residing in housing for Session II will be in Morgenstern Hall, 2525 Amsterdam Avenue.  All rooms are air-conditioned and double occupancy.  Students can request to be placed together in the same room.

Housing Fees: The fee for each session is $850.  Signing up for both sessions together allows for a discounted fee of $1600.  Students enrolled in June Z'man pay a fee of $300. Payment is due before you submit your Summer Housing application, regardless of program and number of sessions.


All students wishing to receive summer housing must complete the summer housing application and submit it to the Office of University Housing and Residence Life (Rubin 106), where copies are also available. 


Summer Session I housing opens: Friday, May 27

Summer Session I housing closes: Friday, July 1 at 11:00AM

Summer Session II housing opens: Friday, July 1 at 11:00AM

All of University Housing closes for the summer: Friday, August 5th at 11:00AM