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Housing Contract

To provide housing for its undergraduate students, Yeshiva University (the "University") makes residence accommodations ("Housing") available to qualified undergraduates enrolled on a full-time basis. If at any time your status changes and you are no longer a full-time student, you must inform the Director of Housing immediately.

Subject to the University's policies and procedures contained on this website the contents of which are incorporated by reference into this Agreement, you are being offered the opportunity to occupy a bed in University Housing for the current academic year. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $300 is required. The fees for Housing will be included in your Student Account statement.

You understand and agree that if you accept this offer, your residence in University Housing is a revocable privilege, not a right, that is at all times subject to your (i) maintaining your status as a full-time undergraduate student in good standing at Yeshiva University; and (ii) complying with all of the University's standards of conduct and Rules and Regulations, as they now exist or as they may be amended in the future. You further agree to accept the Housing assignment made by the University. The University reserves the right to either re-assign you to another room in the same building or in a different building, and to assign or re-assign other eligible and qualified students as additional occupants of the room to which you have been assigned.

You agree that if you do not live up to your obligations under this Housing Agreement, you may be subject to legal action, dismissal from Housing and/or discipline by the University.

You agree that the University may enter the room assigned to you, whether or not you are present, to conduct an inspection, make repairs, show the room or apartment or to maintain health, safety and security, and standards of conduct, or in the event of emergency.