Internet access is provided to all students in University housing.

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I log in to YUHousing?

  • You will log on with your University-provided Active Directory credentials

How do I find my YUAD credentials? 

  • If you don't know your credentials or are unsure what they might be, you can use an online tool at

What if I receive an "Invalid Credentials" error? 

  • If you receive this error, please contact the YU Helpdesk at (800) 829-7418 or e-mail 

What if I need technical or wireless access assistance/support? 

How do I connect a device that doesn't have a screen?

  • Connecting such devices is easy, and we have made an instructional video to guide you through it.  Or you can view instructions online

Where can I find other University Information Technology Services policies for students?