Resident Advisors


Your resident advisor—known as an "RA"—will help ease your transition to college life. with his door almost always open, he is your first resource for answering questions, making referrals and resolving issues. He'll be able to offer tips on everything from study habits to subway directions, from campus activities to restaurant suggestions for you and your family.

Get to know your RA. Whether you have a question or just want to hang out, he is there to help.

Morgenstern 2: Daniel Gofine (Head RA)

Morgenstern 3: Ezra Miller

Morgenstern 4: Chaim Gutt

Morgenstern 5: Yaakov Samel

Morgenstern 6: Mikey Teichberg

Morgenstern 7: Hillel Lerner

Morgenstern 8: Daniel Nimchinsky and Yisroel Schatz


Muss 2: Noah Shapiro

Muss 3: Elliot Dosetareh and Noah Hazan

Muss 4: Jacob Ovadia (Head RA) and Micky Unger


Rubin 2: Raff Hizami and Maxwell Charlat

Rubin 3: Liam Eliach and Ilan Lavian

Rubin 4: Samuel Gelman and Aryeh Korman (Head RA)

Rubin 5: Ari Karesh and Ben Strachman

Rubin 6: Natanel Esraeilian and Zev Narrowe

Rubin 7: Michael Kohan and Saadia Tuchman