SCW/FIT Cooperative Program FAQ

What is the FIT Cooperative program?

As a part of the Shaped Studio Art major, students have the opportunity to take specialized courses in their areas of emphasis, or to explore course work not currently offered at SCW, at the Fashion Institute of Technology (familiarly known as FIT). Majors may take up to 10 credits, and minors may take up to 5; before registering for courses at FIT, students work with their department advisors to choose and request approval of courses. The option to study at FIT while at SCW allows students to focus their Studio Art curriculum in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Animation, among many other areas of specialization. FIT courses are meant to supplement and expand upon your core art and design coursework at SCW, and facilitate the building of portfolios appropriate for specific post-graduation goals, in preparation for either graduate study or entering the job market.

When can I begin taking FIT classes?

Students may begin coursework at FIT after they have completed their Studio Art Foundations courses at SCW (Drawing, Painting, Design) or after 2 semesters as a Studio Art major/minor. Students who need to begin FIT courses earlier (due to transfer status, number of prerequisites or other concerns) may do so with permission. Experience with college-level studio art courses, foundational knowledge and skills, and time to clarify your direction of study, will prepare you to make the most of your FIT experience.

What classes can I take?

All FIT courses must be approved in advance by the Studio Art Department Chair, Traci Tullius; courses in fine art and design that will enhance the student’s area of concentration and are not regularly offered at SCW, are encouraged. Most evening classes are available to Stern students, other courses offered only for full time FIT students can be taken with permission of the appropriate FIT department chair. There are recommended FIT courses for areas of specialization such as Interior Design/Architecture, Fashion and Graphic Design, among others, that can be found on the Studio Art Major Fact Sheet; SCW faculty are also available to recommend specific courses.

How many classes can I take?

Studio Art majors can take up to 10 credits; minors 5 credits. FIT courses are typically 1.5 credits.

If FIT courses are worth 1.5 credits, but SCW electives are 3 credit courses, will I have to take twice as many classes to graduate?

If taking FIT courses, you will not need to take twice as many classes to meet the requirements for the
major. Although FIT courses are generally 1.5 credits, and will transfer as such, the contact hours and workload are the equivalent of an SCW 3 credit course (FIT classes meet once weekly for 3 hours). If a student participated in the Cooperative program, total number of courses, rather than total credits, will be assessed when approving a student’s requirements for the major.

Do I need a portfolio to be admitted to the FIT Cooperative program?

There is no portfolio requirement to participate in SCW’s joint program with FIT; students must be Studio Art majors or minors and have their course selections approved in advance. If students wish to take courses restricted to full time FIT students, special permission from the appropriate FIT department chair is required.

How do I register for courses and how do they transfer?

Students should access the form “Authorization to Register for Fashion Institute of Technology Cooperative Program” and review the accompanying “Registration Guidelines for FIT.” The form and the guidelines are available in the Office of the Registrar as well as via the link below.

Credits taken through the FIT Cooperative Program are transferred automatically from FIT to the Beren registrar for posting on your YU transcript.