PHYSICS MAJOR: Stern College for Women
56-57 credits. PHYS 1051C, 1052C,  2051, 2052, 1221, 1321, 1510, 1621, 1810,; MATH 1412, 1413, 1510, 2105, 2601; and  two electives from PHYS 1140, 1222, 1322, 1340, 1401, COMP 1300.  Additional requirement: one semester of physics colloquium (1 credit).
Exit requirement: Physics exit exam.

PHYSICS MINOR: Stern College for Women
19 credits. PHYS 1051C, 1052C, 2051, 2052 and  one elective from PHYS 1140, 1221, 1321, 1340, 1510, 1810.

PHYSICAL SCIENCES MAJOR: Stern College for Women
51-54-6 credits. PHYS 1051C, 1052C, 2051, 2052; MATH 1412, 1413, 1510, 2105, 2601; COMP 1300; CHEM 1045C. ECON 1031Plus 3 additional courses related to the particular field(s) of engineering in which the student is interested:

  • Concentration in Chemistry: CHEM 1046C, 1213Cand an advanced CHEM elective.
  • Concentration in Electromagnetism: PHYS  1321, 1322, 1810.
  • Concentration in Mechanics: PHYS 1221, 1222, 1810.
  • Concentration in Computer Science: COMP 1320C plus 2 advanced electives.
  • Concentration in Biology: BIOL 1011C, 1012C, plus an advanced BIOL elective.
  • See the individual departments for the course descriptions

Detailed physics factsheet (PDF)
Detailed physical sciences factsheet (PDF)
Detailed pre-engineering factsheet (PDF)

Combined Programs

Yeshiva University runs two combined programs leading to engineering degrees (BE or ME):

  • Joint program between YU and Columbia University
  • Joint program between YU and Stony Brook University

Students interested these combined programs will have an option to major in pre-engineering that has reduced course requirements ocompared to other YU majors, in lieu of the students' intended transfer to an engineering school prior to graduation from YU. Students interested in joining one of these programs are urged to discuss their specific course of study with the pre-engineering advisers: Professor Lea Santos ( or Professor Edward Berliner ( and each semester prior to registration.