The following list includes faculty who teach at the Beren (B) and/or Wilf (W) campus.

Edward Belbruno
Clinical Professor of Mathematics (W)
PhD, New York University
Research interests:  celestial mechanics, chaos theory, dynamical systems,
aerospace engineering, cosmology (big bang singularity).
Contact: edward.belbruno@yu.edu
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Wenxiong Chen
Professor of Mathematics, Chair (W)
PhD, Academia Sinica
Research interests: nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations, fractional Laplacians,
and other non-local operators, nonlinear functional analysis, and geometric analysis.
Contact: wchen@yu.edu
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Michael Dalezman
Assistant Professor of Mathematics (B)
PhD, New York University
Research Interests: number theory.
Contact: dalezma@yu.edu
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Marian Gidea
Professor of Mathematics, Chair, Director of the Graduate Program (B)
PhD, SUNY Buffalo
Research interests: dynamical systems, chaos theory, celestial mechanics,
and applications to mathematical physics, astrodynamics, mathematical biology,
and financial mathematics.
Contact: marian.gidea@yu.edu
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Morton Lowengrub
Professor and Provost Emeritus
PhD, Duke University
Research interests: nonlinear partial differential equations and integral equations
with applications on crack problems in elasticity theory; system of integral equations,
double and triple integral equations, and mixed boundary value problems.
Contact: lowengru@yu.edu
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Antonella Marini
Professor of Mathematics (W)
PhD, University of Chicago
Research interests: partial differential equations and applications to high-energy physics.
Contact: marini@yu.edu 

Peter Nandori
Assistant Professor of Mathematics (B)
PhD, Technical University of Budapest
Research interests: hyperbolic dynamical systems, probability theory
and mathematical statistical physics.  
Contact: peter.nandori@yu.edu 
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Pablo Roldan
Assistant Professor of Mathematics (B, W)
PhD, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Research interests:  differential equations and dynamical systems (Hamiltonian systems),
high-performance computing, mathematics of finance.
Contact: pablo.roldan@yu.edu
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Neer Asherie
Affiliate Faculty, Professor of Physics (W)
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research interests: protein phase behavior and self-assembly.
Contact: asherie@yu.edu
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Sergey Buldyrev
Affiliate Faculty, Professor of Physics (W)
PhD, Saint Petersburg State University
Research interests: thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, classical mechanics,
computational physics, and the theory of complex systems.
Contact: buldyrev@yu.edu
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Gabriel Cwilich
Affiliate Faculty, Professor of Physics (W)
PhD, Rutgers University
Research interests: disordered systems.
Contact: cwilich@yu.edu
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Avi Giloni
Affiliate Faculty, Sy Syms School of Business
PhD, New York University
Research interests: optimization and mathematical applications to operations management.
Contact: agiloni@yu.edu
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Mark Edelman
Affiliate Faculty, Clinical Associate Professor of Physics (B)
PhD, Odessa University
Research interests: research in nonlinear dynamics that includes, fractional dynamical systems,
numerical experiments in chaos.
Contact: medelma1@yu.edu
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Yuri Katz
Affiliate Faculty, Standard and Poor's Global Market Intelligence
PhD,  Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk
Research interests:  financial applications of cognitive computational platforms,
risk-valuation solutions, time-series analysis, 'big data' and predictive financial analytics,
topological data analysis, climate finance.
Contact: yuri.katz@yu.edu

Emil Prodan
Affiliate Faculty, Professor of Physics (B)
PhD, Rice University
Research interests: mathematical physics, specifically, operator theory, spectral analysis
and constructive quantum field formalism,  rigorous mathematics and computer simulations
to study the  physics of the condensed matter.
Contact: prodan@yu.edu 
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Lea Santos
Affiliate Faculty, Professor of Physics (B)
PhD, University of Sao Paulo
Research interests:  many-body quantum systems, non-equilibrium quantum dynamics,
thermalization, quantum transport, quantum chaos, spin systems, many-body localization,
quantum phase transition, quantum control, dynamical decoupling methods, decoherence,
quantum-classical transition.
Contact: lsantos2@yu.edu
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Fredy Zypman
Affiliate Faculty, Professor of Physics (W)
PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Research interests: image reconstruction with scanning probe microscopes,
atomistic modeling of materials, quantum optics, and mathematical optimization.
Contact: zypman@yu.edu
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Wai-Ting Lam
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (B)
MS, University of Southern California, PhD Candidate
Research interests:  dynamical systems, celestial mechanics, applications to astrodynamics.
Contact: WaiTing.Lam@yu.edu

Maxwell Musser
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (B, W)
MS, City College of New York, PhD Candidate
Research interests:  dynamical systems (Hamiltonian systems).
Contact: mmusser@mail.yu.edu

David Pahmer
Instructor of Jewish Studies 
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (B)
Ed.D., Yeshiva University
Research interests: methodology of Torah Sheb'al Peh, time laws and concepts, science, philosophy of science, and rationality.
Contact: Pahmer@yu.edu
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