The Jewish Education concentration is a track within the Jewish Studies major. Interested students must meet with the Program Director and be accepted into the track. 38 credits above the Jewish Studies requirement: 15 credits of Jewish Studies with at least 9 credits in BIBL and the remaining 6 credits in either JHIS or JPHI or JUDS; EDUC 2807; JEDU 2312 (2 credits), JEDU 2319 (3 credits); JEDU 3215, 3216, and 3218 (each one credit), JEDU 3225 (6 credits), 3226 (3 credits): Teaching Bible (3 credits, in conjunction with AGS); The following courses, which may apply toward the General Education Requirements, are also required: EDUC 2201 (3 credits), EDUC 2807 (3 credits) and an Education elective (3 credits); plus PSYC 1010 (3 credits) and PYSCH 3400 (3 credits). Some of the above courses may be taken in the Azrieli Graduate School (AGS). Proficiency in Hebrew is required. Details of the Jewish Education track are available from the Program Director.

A joint bachelor’s-master’s program in Jewish education is offered together with Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration. Interested students should consult the Office of the Registrar. Courses in Jewish education are not part of a program designed for the preparation of teachers in the public schools and are, therefore, not applicable to certification by the New York State Education Department.

2312 through 2320 Methods and Materials in Teaching Specific Subjects 2-3 credits

2312 Teaching Hebrew 2 credits

2314 Teaching Bible 3 credits

2319 Teaching Jewish Studies 3 credits

Seminar and fieldwork

3215, 3216 and 3218 Jewish Education Fieldwork 1 credit each

3225 Jewish Education Student Teaching 6 credits

Full-time student teaching under the supervision of a master teacher and a faculty supervisor. Students plan and implement whole class instruction and create a portfolio that will document one’s growth as a teacher. Corequisite: JEDU 3226

3226 Senior Seminar in Jewish Education 3 credits. For Jewish Education student teachers.

Analysis of the student-teaching experience. Topics include promoting student motivation, classroom management strategies, student diversity, working with parents and school personnel, trends in educational reform, and sources for professional development, including Internet resources. Students create a professional portfolio documenting their development as teachers over the course of the program. Corequisite: JEDU 3225

1010 Introductory Psychology 3 credits
One semester survey of topics in experimental methodology, biological basis of behavior, sensation, perception, learning, cognition, development, personality, assessment, and abnormal and social psychology.

1210 Educational Psychology 3 credits (Same as PSYC 3400.)
Introduction to theories and applications of principles of learning, motivation, and measurement to education. Topics include: Learning-centered and teacher-directed approaches to instruction, theories of intelligence, exceptionality, and accommodating instruction to meet individual learners’ needs, creativity, assessment,, and the uses of technology to facilitate learning are investigated. Prerequisite: PSYC 1010

2201 Classroom Instruction and Management 3 credits
An introduction to models and methods of classroom instruction and management for diverse educational settings. Topics include setting up your first classroom, designing lessons and assessments, enhancing critical thinking skills, theories of motivation, and effective communication with parents and administration. Required for Education minors and Jewish education majors. EDUC elective for majors.

2807 Literature of Pedagogy 3 credits
An exploration of classic and contemporary educational texts grounded in the experiences of teachers and teaching. Introduces students to core tenets of educational policy, practice and philosophy. Required for Jewish Education Majors. Elective for Early Childhood & Elementary.