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To be eligible for honors courses, a student must have Deans List status or, in the case of first-year students, have a minimum high school average of 90 and a minimum SAT score of 1200.  In general, honors courses are more rigorous and/or advanced than regular courses and have the following characteristics:

  • Involve a critical investigation of primary sources
  • Make use of and/or demonstrate current methods of field inquiry
  • Entail a heavy writing component (not merely summary thinking)
  • Stress analysis and original thinking
  • Require students to revise and re-write essays and/or other major assignments
  • Emphasize library and lab work
  • Deal with and/or encompass relevant theoretical issues
  • Require students to engage in independent research work

Spring 2020 Courses:

ARTS 1635H The New York Skyscraper
ARTS 1975H Topics: Jewish Illuminated Manuscripts
BIBL 1087H Biblical Exegetes I
BIBL 3307H Job
BIOL 3521H Molecular Biology    
CHEM 1046H General Chemistry II
COMP 4930H Topics: Natural Language Processing
ENGL 2924H Topics: Female Friendship
JHIS 4934H Topics: Jewish Illuminated Manuscripts
JHIS 4935H Topics: History of Halakhah
JPHI 4933H Tps: Jewish Illuminated Manuscripts
JUDS 1591H Topics in Jewish Civil Law
JUDS 1846H Advanced Talmud II
JUDS 1848H Advanced Talmud
JUDS 4932H Topics: Compar American & Talmudic Law
POLI 2198H Topics: Compar Am. & Talmudic Law
POLI 2494H Topics: Zionist Political Thought
PSYC 3128H Seminar in Moral Psychology
PSYC 3815H Cognitive Neuroscience