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FREN 1101, FREN 1102 Elementary French (3 credits)
Essentials of oral expression, listening comprehension, and basic reading and writing skills. FREN 1101 is for students with no background. FREN 1102 is for students with less than two years of high school French.

FREN 1201, FREN 1202 Intermediate French (3 credits)
Intensive review of grammar; readings in literature; exercises in composition and conversation. Prerequisite: two years of high school French or FREN 1102. Students with three years of high school French may enter FREN 1202 with permission of the instructor.

FREN 2101, FREN 2102 Masterpieces of French Literature (3 credits)
Great works of French prose, poetry, and drama of the various periods. Prerequisite: four years of high school French or FREN 1202.


RUSS 1101, RUSS 1102 Elementary Russian (3 credits)
Introduction to the Russian language. For students with less than two years of high school Russian. Emphasis on reading. RUSS 1101 is only for those with no background.

RUSS 4930, RUSS 4931, RUSS 4932 Topics in Russian Literature (3 credits)


SEMI 5111, SEMI 5112 Elementary Arabic (3 credits)
Introduction to the grammar and syntax of classical and modern literary Arabic.

SEMI 5121, SEMI 5122 Intermediate Arabic (3 credits)
Selections from classical texts, with continued study of elements of Arabic grammar.


SPAN 1101, SPAN 1102 Elementary Spanish (3 credits)
Essentials of grammar, conversation, comprehension, reading, and translation. SPAN 1101 is not open to students who have had high school Spanish. Those who have had one year of high school Spanish may take SPAN 1102.

SPAN 1201, SPAN 1202 Intermediate Spanish (3 credits)
Review of grammar, composition, conversation, culture, reading and analysis of literary selections. SPAN 1201 is for students who have had two years of high school Spanish. Students who have had three years of high school Spanish may take SPAN 1202. Prerequisite: SPAN 1102 or two years of high school Spanish.

SPAN 1231 Advanced Conversation (3 credits)
For students who have completed Intermediate Spanish and who would like additional experience with conversational Spanish in the arts and the professions. Prerequisite: SPAN 1202.

SPAN 2101; SPAN 2102 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature (3 credits)
Detailed studies of the major literary works of Spain. Prerequisite: SPAN 1202, four years of high school Spanish, or near-native fluency.