• Bible

  • Faculty

    Shalom Carmy, Assistant Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Bible

    Mordechai Cohen, Professor of Bible; Associate Dean, Bernard Revel School of Jewish Studies

    Mindy Eisenman, Adjunct Instructor of Bible

    Meir Fulda, Associate Professor of Bible

    Meir Goldwicht, Joel and Maria Finkle Visiting Israeli Rosh Yeshiva; Visiting Professor of Jewish History

    Naomi Grunhaus, Associate Professor of Bible

    Ephraim Kanarfogel, E. Billi Ivry University Professor of Jewish History, Literature and Law;
         Chair, Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies

    Yael Leibowitz, Instructor in Bible

    Michelle Levine, Associate Professor of Bible

    Nechama Price, Instructor in Jewish Studies and Bible

    Deena Rabinovich, Instructor in Bible; Director, Legacy Heritage Fund Jewish Educator's Project

    Smadar Rosensweig, Clinical Assistant Professor of Bible

    Jacob J. Schacter, University Professor of Jewish History and Jewish Thought;
         Adjunct Instructor in Jewish Studies; Senior Scholar, Center for the Jewish Future

    Shoshana Schechter, Instructor in Bible

     Ian Shaffer, Adjunct Instructor in Bible

    Rywka Shulman, Adjunct Instructor in Bible

    Marcia Stern, Adjunct Instructor in Bible

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