STEM fields have been a center of excellence at Yeshiva University for many generations—long before Science, Technology, Engineering and Math became known as STEM!

YU can offer incoming students the unique combination of a university's cutting-edge education in STEM fields and a small college's personal attention. We have long been well known for our rich undergraduate preparation of men and women for medical school. At the same time, we offer opportunities for our students in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Data Science, Pre-Engineering, and Mathematics to work closely with talented faculty whose dedicated commitment to undergraduates results in exciting research collaborations and lifelong mentorship relationships. Our location in the New York metropolitan area—home to research giants like Bell Labs and major pharmaceutical corporations, and where high-tech companies like Google, Facebook, Media.Mind, Shutterstock, and DoubleClick have recently established offices—puts our students close to one of the hearts of STEM innovation and employment opportunity.

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