Fellowships are competitive opportunities for funding that are designed to foster intellectual, leadership, and professional development through providing funding for study, research, independent projects, participation in programs, or travel. Fellowships encourage the academic and professional growth of recipients who will in turn make an impact on the larger world. It is a mark of academic and intellectual distinction to be awarded one of these competitive fellowships. The competitive fellowships reward not only academic excellence, but also demonstrated leadership, scholarship, and dedication to extracurricular pursuits.

It is important to begin thinking about possible fellowship applications early in your academic career and conduct research on available funding, deadlines, qualifications, and required materials. Applying for fellowships requires careful thought, preparation, patience, and time.

Before you Begin

  • Reflect - on your past accomplishments (academic, professional, and personal)
  • Assess - your skills and qualifications
  • Clarify - your future goals (academic, professional, and personal)
  • Draw Conclusions - about how a particular fellowship will enable you to achieve your goals
  • Be Realistic - about time commitments and choosing to apply for fellowships for which you are most qualified

The Shevet Glaubach Center (SGC) can assist students in a variety of ways with their applications for competitive fellowships and scholarships, including:

  • Helping students clarify their career and professional goals as they might pertain to their target fellowship opportunities
  • Assisting with polishing and editing their resume / CV (Curriculum Vitae) for applications
  • Reviewing and providing constructive feedback on application essays and personal statements
  • Coaching students to prepare them for any interviews that may be required for finalists for these opportunities


Tips for Writing a Personal Statement
How to Write a Resume 

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