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Undecided and Exploration

CAPS Community

Welcome to the CAPS Community where there are many supports in place to help you decide where you would like to go post-graduation. Not all roads lead to employment alone, and you may be considering going to graduate school, working while going to graduate school, or even making Alyah. This is the place where designated career advisors, faculty, and alumni will help you with these challenging decisions and help you create a strategy for your own personal success.

Yeshiva University’s rigorous curriculum prepares you with strengths that are especially relevant to these areas and this community will provide you with the professional connections and partnerships you need. You are encouraged to get started by engaging with your CAPS Community Career Advisor by scheduling an appointment in Yeshiva University Career Link (YUCL) to meet with Jim MacWhorter, the CAPS Community for students looking to develop their path. 

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