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Arts, Communications, and Multimedia

CAPS Community

Welcome to the CAPS Community for Arts, Communication, and Multimedia - a place where you can make connections and partnerships for success with career advisors, discipline related faculty, and alumni working within these areas. Creativity is prevalent in the Arts, Communication, and Multimedia fields. Whether you want to be an advertising executive, television or film producer, storybook writer, editor, journalist, computer assisted designer, theater director, fine artist, or museum curator, your skills and experiences will allow you to build your exciting career strategy. Through this community, you will find specific industry resources, obtain targeted career advice, search for jobs/internships and make connections and partnerships with alumni to help you strategize a plan to achieve your post-graduation goals. Careers in Graphic Design, Event Planning, Social Media Management, Fashion, Journalism and Publishing fall within the Arts, Communication, and Multimedia career field. 

Through this community, you will find industry resources, career advice, job/internship and networking opportunities, workshops, events, and advisors to help you strategize a plan to achieve your post-graduation goals. Yeshiva University’s rigorous curriculum prepares you with strengths that are especially relevant to these areas and this community will provide you with the professional connections and partnerships you need. Whether you are interested in working in a museum, a tech start-up, a civic arts council, or an established corporation, somewhere in-between or beyond, you can find your niche. 

You are encouraged to get started by engaging with your CAPS Community Career Advisor by scheduling an appointment in Yeshiva University Career Link (YUCL) to meet with Jim MacWhorter, the CAPS Community Advisor for Arts, Communication, and Multimedia.

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