Past Programs

The Schneier Program supported faculty research by funding three research projects during the summer. Funded projects covered a wide spectrum of international issues ranging from forensic economics dealing with compensation to the families of 9/11 victims to the impact of the US embargo against Cuba on Cuban families divided between Cuba and the USA to public health issues in Mumbai, India. All projects received funding because they increased awareness of pressing international issues.

The Schneier Program supported two graduate students of the University conducting advanced research on pertinent issues of international dimension.

The Schneier Program facilitated the training of undergraduate students in research by granting six student internships for the summer. Three of these internships were funded by the Schneidman Scholarship Program in Conflict Resolution administered by the Schneier Program. Students were paired, according to their interests, with faculty conducting research projects, some funded by the Schneier Program, as research assistants.

Faculty and graduate students gave public presentations on the results of their summer research projects in a Schneier Program forum called Research Night. Student interns gave poster sessions in a special session of Research Night on the research projects in which they had been involved and what they learned about doing research from these internships.