YU Alert: Getting Started

Yeshiva University employees and students will automatically be entered into YU Alert emergency notification system through their "yu.edu" email address. If no further action is taken, any emergency alerts will be sent to the email address you have on file with Yeshiva University.

However, email is not always the most immediate (or available) way to communicate. In order to receive alerts in the timeliest manner possible, it is strongly recommended that you register your cell phone so that you can receive a "voice message" or "text message" no matter where you are during an emergency.

How to Update Your Cell Phone Number and Manage Your Account

To help ensure that your current cell phone number is registered in YU Alert and that all of your contact information is up-to-date. Please follow these instructions as soon as possible:

  • Go to the MyYU Portal located on the upper right hand corner of our home page or at page: https://yu.edu/myyu/
  • Click on the first link: "Faculty, Students and Staff. 
  • Enter your "User ID," which is your 9-digit Student or Employee ID number
  • Enter your 6-digit PIN: If you don't remember your ID number or pin number, simply click on. "If you have forgotten your ID" or the "Forgot Pin?" buttons and follow the instructions                    
  • Once you have successfully logged in into the MyYU portal, please click on the "Personal Information" link then click on "Update Contact Information for Emergency Notification - YU Alert" link (it is the last link among those listed).
  • Review your cell phone number and personal email and make the appropriate changes. Note: students will only be able to make changes to their cell phone number.
  • After you have finished, please be sure to click on SUBMIT to save the changes made to the form. If no changes are needed, you can select the "Close" button instead.

If You Don't Have a “yu.edu” or “einstein.yu.edu” Email Address

If you do not have a YU-supplied email address, you will need to create an account. It may take up to a week to propagate your information. Once your account is set up, you'll be notified by email so that you can then register your communication preferences.

Please Note: You can only register for a new account from an on-campus computer. You must have an email address to register for an account. If you do not have one, you may sign up for a free email address from an online provider such as MSN, Google or AOL. Most cellphones have an email address based on your phone number that you can use to register. Contact your carrier for further details.

If You Leave YU

If you are a graduating student or a faculty or staff member leaving YU's employ, please be sure to login to your account and delete all of your contact information. This will ensure that you no longer receive irrelevant notifications. Only you are able to do this.