YU Alert: FAQs

General Questions
What is Everbridge Aware?

Everbridge Aware is an industry leading emergency notification system that Yeshiva University has implemented to power its YU Alert. More information on Everbridge Aware is available at http://www.everbridge.com.

How do I know the notifications I receive are authentic and not spam?

Text and phone voice notifications to your phones will always include YU ALERT and reference to the website www.yu.edu/yualert. Emails always come from yualert@yu.edu.

How can I make sure I recognize YU Alerts when I receive them on my phone?

Any call from YU Alert will show the following number: (646) 592-4199. Simply save this number to your cellphone, address book, etc., as YU Alert. 

YU Alert will automatically show up on your phone the next time you receive a notification and you'll know it is an authentic message.

If you missed a call from YU Alert, in an emergency the system will keep trying you until you confirm receipt of the message.

What is the best way to communicate with the YU Alert team I have questions and comments about YU Alert?

If it is an emergency, please call 911 or your campus security. Please go to www.yu.edu/safety-security/contact/ and locate the appropriate contact information.

If you have any questions or feedback about YU Alert, Everbridge Aware, or the emergency notifications you receive, please email your questions and comments to yualert@yu.edu.

Login Questions
How can I locate my Member ID?

Go to: www.everbridge.com
Click on the “Forgot Password?” under the login window.
In the next window, click on the “Forgot Member ID?” link under “Enter Your Member ID.”
On the next screen, enter your first and last names, and your email address. The system may want verify your identity through one of the secret questions you would have chosen during registration.
Once the system authenticates your identity, the system will send your member ID to your primary email address on record.

How can I reset my password in Everbridge?

Go to: www.everbridge.com
Click on the “Forgot Password?” under the login window.
Enter your member ID and click on reset password.
An email with a temporary password will be emailed to the primary email address you have provided to the University.
The email will have a link that will allow you to change the temporary password to your preferred password.

Questions About My Contact Information
Where should I go to update my contact information?

If you have already registered to YU Alert in the Everbridge Aware system, you may go to www.everbridge.com and login using the username and password you created during the registration process.

Once you login, click on the Members link on the left. Under “Members,” you will see manage member information. Clicking on that link will allow you to view your contact information. You may change or add new contact information, and may change the devices order you want YU Alert to notify you.

Please Note: It is recommended you have your mobile phone as your path for emergency notifications. If you have a mobile phone that is capable of receiving text messages, you may choose text to mobile and call to mobile as your top two paths, followed by email and any other device path you may have included.

This is my first time going into Everbridge. How did YU Alert get my primary contact information in the system?

All contact information provided to the University by students, faculty and employees are stored mainly in Banner and a few other data repositories. Periodically the YU Alert member database is updated from those University sources.

Do I need to register with Everbridge? Why?

Registration in Everbridge allows you to review and update your contact information on a regular basis, especially when you add or change a new phone number or an email address.

Please Note: Changing your name or contact information does not automatically change your name or contact information in Banner or any other member database you belong to. You will have to notify your administration through Student Records, Faculty Records or Payroll.

How can I tell if I am registered with Everbridge?

Every year Yeshiva University sends out a self-registration invite from YU Alert through the Everbridge Aware system.

If you cannot remember if you have registered with YU Alert in Everbridge, please follow the FAQ instructions above on finding your Member ID. In the email you receive from YU Alert, if you see the Member Alias ID in the body of the message, you have registered and that is the Member ID you will use to login into Everbridge. If you see just the Member ID and not the Member Alias ID, you have not registered with YU Alert.

Can I add a family member or a significant other to Everbridge?

Presently, Yeshiva University is focusing its efforts on making sure contact information on all members (students, faculty and employees) is first captured. YU Alert is looking into expanding its emergency notification reach to member’s families and/or their significant others. When a decision is made on this, YU Alert will notify Yeshiva University members on how members can add their families and/or their significant others to YU Alert.

Should I add my family member or a significant other to my contact information in Everbridge?

It is not recommended that you add your spouse or significant other’s phone number or email address to your record. Everbridge cycles through your phone numbers and email addresses in the order you set in the system. If you were unable or unavailable to acknowledge receipt of the notification, the system tries to reach you on your significant other’s contact information. If that person acknowledges receipt of the notification that was primarily intended for you, you may never receive another notification of the emergency at your location.