Extended Stay Visitors

Effective March 15, 2020

Visitors who are expected to be on campus for an extended period of time may apply for a Temporary ID Card not to exceed one semester. Such visitors include those who teach classes but are not on staff, visiting Roshei Yeshiva or Rebbeim, vendors, contractors, or those that have other long-term legitimate business on campus.

In order to apply for a Temporary ID Card, the Extended Stay Visitor will need a University faculty or staff member as his/her sponsor (and host) and will need to submit an application form to the Central Security Office located in Strenger Hall, 2521 Amsterdam Avenue, on the Wilf campus, together with his/her valid government-issued photo ID.  The application form should indicate the reason needed for the Temporary ID Card, identify the University sponsor/host, and specify the access (including hours and dates) needed. 

All Temporary ID Cards must be approved by the appropriate University administrator and then by the University Director of Security. 

Temporary ID Card Application