Severe Weather

Hurricanes, Nor’easters, Blizzards and other destructive storms have extreme conditions that can create many safety and security concerns. A storm's driving winds, extreme temperatures, snow, ice and torrential rains can cause power and plumbing failures, dangerous travel conditions, and flooding in low-lying and poor-drainage areas.

  • When a Weather Emergency is announced, the City of New York would activate its Emergency Operations Center on a 24-hour basis at the Office of Emergency Management.
  • Log onto the NYC Office of Emergency Management website at
  • Listen to local media (television and radio) for instructions.
  • Log onto the YU University home page for campus storm information.

If you are on one of the Yeshiva University campus during a severe weather event and unable to safely leave:

  • Remain indoors until danger presented by the event has passed; watch for weather, safety, transportation and housing updates (via email, YU Alert, postings at building security desks, etc.) from the Safety & Security and Campus Housing offices
  • Take immediate shelter in interior rooms (bathrooms, stairwells, etc.), preferably on the lowest floor of the building, unless doing so brings you closer to danger (example: flooding)
  • Stay clear of windows and areas with glass
  • Stay clear of doorways and entrances
  • Stay clear of areas that house chemicals and areas with heavy, unsecured items that could move or be upended easily by the severe weather elements
  • If a severe weather event is impacting campus you should contact your immediate supervisor. Do not come to campus during a severe weather event unless your presence is essential.