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Fire Safety

Fire Alarm 1 

YU is committed to minimizing hazards to students, faculty, staff, the general public, and the environment from all emergencies including fires and/or explosions. Every University member must be aware of potential fire hazards and make a continuous effort to prevent the occurrence of a fire.

Fire Prevention
  • Good housekeeping helps eliminate opportunities for fires to start. All University personnel must practice good housekeeping. Keep all hallways and stairwells clear at all times of any materials that will cause an obstructions during an evacuation in case of fire.
  • Employees other than qualified electricians are prohibited from attempting electrical repairs or temporary installations.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all YU buildings.
If There is a Fire Emergency

In the event of a fire, always:

  • Follow the directions of the Fire or Police Department Personnel
  • Sound the Alarm
  • Leave the Building
  • Do Not Go Back
  • Call 911 & YU Security
Self-Preservation Fire Safety Tips
  • Take all fire alarms seriously and get out
  • If you become aware of a fire or hear a fire alarm, leave the building immediately - Do Not Stop!
  • Stay low in smoke as cleaner and cooler air is found near the floor
  • Always use closest exit or stairway as an exit route; never use elevators
  • Activate the alarm pull station if you should pass it on your way out of the building
  • Once outside, do not go back inside! Call 911
  • If your clothes are on fire, stop, drop, and roll
  • Cool burns with cool water and seek medical attention as soon as possible
Resident Hall Evacuation Procedures
  • Evacuation guidelines for YU residential facilities are available at:
  • Rubin Residence Hall Evacuation Procedures
  • Brookdale Residence Hall Evacuation Procedures
Report Safety Hazards

If you observe an unsafe practice or potential safety hazard, please report it immediately to University Risk Management Department 212-960-5400 Ext. 6739.