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Athletic-Related Injury


All athletes of Yeshiva University Must have Personal Health/Medical Insurance, either as a dependent of their parents/guardians or self coverage.

Reporting Procedures

The student-athlete is responsible for reporting all injuries to the Athletic Trainer as soon as possible. The Athletic Staff will complete the necessary YU injury report form. In the event of an emergency (due to an athletic injury in a formal, official game, practice, or travel) the athlete will be transported to the nearest, most appropriate hospital or medical facility.

The student-athlete will at no time seek outside medical attention for an athletic injury without prior consultation from the Athletic Department, Risk Management Department, or the attending physician in the case of an emergency.

In the case of HMO/PPO policies, the student athlete may be required to follow specific referral procedures. The University and the Athletic Department will not be responsible for any charges incurred if these procedures are not followed.

In order to expedite the processing of claims, it is recommended that athlete take a copy of the claim form with him/her to the provider. The Intercollegiate Sports Accident Claim Form must be completed in its entirety and signed by the Athletic Trainer in order to insure prompt handling.

Please be advised that Balance Due Statements are insufficient for the processing of claims. Such statements should have the appropriate medical forms (UB04, UB92, CMS1500, or HCFA1500) attached.

Dental Care

The Athletic Accident Insurance will cover injuries to the mouth and repair or replace sound natural teeth damaged or lost as a result of injury incurred while participating in an official practice or game.

Dental care not directly related to athletic injury will be the responsibility of the student-athlete.

Athletic Insurance/Injury FAQs