RIETS beit midrash

Presidential Bekius Program

The Presidential Bekius Program was initiated by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm over 30 years ago and is coordinated by Rabbi Michoel Zylberman, Associate Bochein. Each semester, 20 to 25 blatt [pages] are selected from the masechta [tractate] that the yeshiva is learning. At the end of each semester, students may take an examination on the Gemara with Rashi or on the Gemara with both Rashi and Tosafot.

Prizes (in the form of gift certificates for the Seforim Sale) are awarded to both RIETS and college students who do well on the examination, with additional prizes awarded to college students with the top three scores. The Presidential Bekius Program is voluntary and has stimulated many of our students to master entire masechtot. In Fall 2014, the Bekius Program will cover Ketubot, Perakim 5-7.

Rabbi Michoel Zylberman (zylberma@yu.edu) is available Monday and Wednesday evenings in the Glueck Beit Midrash to talk in learning with the students.  In addition, Rabbi Zylberman delivers a weekly chabura with source sheets on Mondays 9:25-10:00 PM (Glueck 303).