Rabbi Rosenberg was born in Lomza. While still in his youth, he earned a great reputation because of his phenomenal memory and sharpness of mind. At age 10, he was a student of Rabbi Shlomo Nosson Kotler zt”l. At 18, he became a student of Rabbi Dov Ber Lifshitz zt”l, Av Beit Din of Srednik, and had already achieved a comprehensive knowledge of the Talmud. When he was 24, he received semikhah from several gaonim, including the author of the Aruch HaShulchan.

After the pogroms in Russia, he came to America in 1903 and served as rabbi in Poughkeepsie, New York; Bayonne, New Jersey; and Burlington, Vermont. In 1911, he was appointed rabbi in Paterson, New Jersey, and remained there until 1919 when he moved to Jersey City.

He was a gaon in Torah and also an individual of rare courage who did much for Torah and Judaism. Rabbi Rosenberg was among the builders of the Agudath HaRabbonim of America and Canada and was the spirit of the organization for decades. In addition, he led the Central Relief Committee and is noted as the founder of Ezras Torah. Many of his writings appeared in the leading Torah journals.

When he lived in Bayonne, he regularly came to Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary to test the students. In 1921, when Dr. Bernard Revel zt”l temporarily left the Yeshiva, he filled the position in his stead, serving as president for a full year until Rabbi Revel returned. Afterward, he continued for a time as vice president and worked energetically for the Yeshiva. He also served on its semikhah board.