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Jewish Medical Ethics

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In this age of rapid advances in the fields of science and medicine, and the daily development of new and unforeseen complex ethical quandaries that challenge even the most seasoned jurists and ethicists, it is imperative to provide a framework for the understanding and resolution of these issues from a Jewish perspective. The inextricable bond between scientific development and Torah, and the ability for our ancient tradition to address even the most contemporary, cutting-edge advances in medicine, are the hallmarks and supreme manifestations of the Torah UMadda philosophy. In these pages, we will provide a virtual library of the rich literature of the halakhic tradition that bears on the practice and research of all areas of medicine, a field that has come to be known as Jewish medical ethics. Online programming and research will be available to college student, medical student, semicha student, physician, rabbi and layperson alike.

In addition, we will apprise you of the multitude of programs, lectures and events in the field of Jewish medical ethics that are occurring in the many branches of our institution, as well as in other locations throughout the world. These include the Center for the Jewish Future, the Medical Ethics Society of Yeshiva University, the Program for Jewish Genetic Health and the newly created journal of medicine and Jewish law (under the joint efforts of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Synagogue and RIETS), Verapo Yerape.

In our days, the science fiction of the recent past is gradually becoming the standard clinical practice of today. Our objective is to centralize the study of this ever-fascinating, ever-expanding field of Jewish medical ethics and to train future generations to not only understand the present dilemmas, but to be equally prepared and equipped to address any developments of the future.