FAQs for Revel Online

  1. Are the GREs required?
    GRE scores are not required for admission to the Revel Online MA program. Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or university and have a grade point average of at least B (3.0).
  2. Is there a Master’s Thesis?
    There is no required Master’s Thesis. A student may choose to write a Master’s Thesis. That student’s transcript will record the successful completion of the project. The thesis does not serve as a substitute for the comprehensive examination.
  3. Are my Hebrew language skills sufficient enough?
    Academic background should include documented evidence of a Hebrew proficiency adequate for the required readings, which can include both primary texts and secondary publications. In the absence of such evidence, a Hebrew reading test may be required as part of the admission process.
  4. What is the cost?
    $1,145 per credit ($3,435 per course). 30 credits (10 courses) are required for completion of the program.
  5. Are scholarships available?
    Generous scholarships are available to in-person Revel students. Online students with strong records may be eligible for scholarships covering up to 1/3 of tuition.
  6. What is “live distance learning”?
    A unique feature of our online program is that it is “live distance learning” meaning the remote students really get to be part of the classroom environment. The courses are taking place in real time with in-person students as well as Revel Online students. Therefore, you will be able to engage with the class and ask/answer questions. This is important for a discipline like Jewish Philosophy that naturally has a great deal of interactive discussion.
  7. Can I participate from Israel?
    Yes! We have many interested students from Israel. Being able to include students in Israel was part of our motivation for creating this program. Due to the time difference, Israeli students typically register for our 2:50 PM classes, which allows them to have full-time jobs and family responsibilities in Israel and still participate in the evenings in our program. Some students may even be willing to sign up for our 4:50PM classes, which end at 6:30 PM New York time.. Classes meet only once a week.
  8. Is Revel Online available in any of Revel’s other concentrations?
    Our plan is to extend Revel Online to additional areas of study. Jewish Philosophy is available beginning Fall 2019, and we are on track to launch Ancient Jewish History beginning Spring 2020. Please email mlebovic@yu.edu and request to be added to our email list if you would like to be notified when other concentrations become available online.
  9. Can I take courses without being in the program?
    Yes, you can register to take courses through Revel Online at full cost of the course. If you successfully completed the work for the course and later decide to apply to the MA program, you can retroactively receive credit towards your MA degree for the course you took prior to enrollment.