The Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies' curriculum emphasizes the critical analysis of primary sources, the study of appropriate methodologies and extensive readings in the secondary literature. Applying this at the doctoral level, Revel's rich course offerings and expert faculty guide students toward the realization of their full potential as researchers and academics advancing the frontiers of Jewish scholarship. The PhD is currently offered in the following fields: Bible, medieval Jewish history, modern Jewish history, medieval Jewish philosophy, modern Jewish philosophy, and Talmud.

Harry Fischel Summer School for Higher Jewish Studies

Classes for credit are open to qualified graduate and advanced undergraduate students in Jewish Studies and related fields at Yeshiva University and other academic institutions (appropriate document must be filed in the Revel Office of the Dean). Students at Yeshiva University may take these courses toward fulfilling degree requirements. Students from other institutions may take the courses as transient students for possible transfer credit at their home institution. Qualified individuals who do not fit into these categories may register with permission of the dean.

Harry Fischel Courses