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 Additional Resources

  • Assessing Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness: Understanding Middle States Expectations (2005). Middle States Commission on Higher Education. A brochure prepared by MSCHE detailing its expectations for meeting Standard 7: Institutional Assessment and Standard 14: Assessment of Student Learning
  • Assessment Primer (University of Connecticut). Provides an overview of assessment related concepts including information on how to write effective program-level mission statements, goals, objectives, curriculum maps, and assessment plans
  • OAPA Handbook (Program-Based Review and Assessment, University of Massachusetts at Amherst). An online handbook on program-based assessment. It includes chapters on why to assess, defining goals and objectives, designing assessment programs, assessment strategies and methods, analyzing, reporting and using results
  • Student Learning Assessment: Options and Resources (2nd Edition, 2007). Middle States Commission on Higher Education. A publication by MSCHE presenting assessment-related options and resources.
  • Weiner, Wendy (2009).  Establishing a culture of assessment:  Fifteen elements of assessment success—how many does your campus have? American Association of University Professors.  Retrieved January 22, 2020 from