Steps for Effectively Implementing Program-Level Assessment

1. Clearly define program’s/major’s mission

2. Identify student outcome learning goals that directly align with program’s/major’s mission

3. Define learning goals by stating objectives

4. Map out which program/major courses and learning experiences will enable students to achieve program/major goals (curriculum mapping)

5. Devise a program/major assessment plan and timeline

6. Identify which goals you are going to assess and when

7. Develop comprehensive methods for both directly and indirectly assessing students’ attainment of those goals (NOTE: no one assessment can evidence learning—multiple pieces of evidence are needed)

8. Develop corresponding scoring rubrics to ensure consistency and accuracy in scoring of assessments (NOTE: rubrics are not the assessment, but a tool for scoring assessments)

9. Implement the assessment plan and continuously monitor its effectiveness, making changes or improvements when necessary

10. Analyze assessment results and communicate/report findings

11. Use assessment results to inform and improve program’s/major’s effectiveness in meeting learning goals and objectives

12. Document steps 1-11


Click Here for YU Program/Major Assessment Guidelines