Non-Profit Bulk Mail

The first requirement for non-profit bulk mail qualification involves the size of the mailing - there must be a minimum of 200 identical pieces. The following requirements also apply:

  • ZIP Codes are required on every address. Missing ZIP Codes will delay your mail.
  • Mail pieces must be sorted in ascending ZIP-code order.
  • Only pieces sent to a U.S. address may be part of a bulk mailing. International mail may not be mixed with domestic bulk mail.
  • A departmental return address is required on each mail piece.
Paper and Ink

Don't use paper or ink colors that are fluorescent. Light colored type on dark stock doesn't work well either. The Post Office needs to be able to see the print of the address and the indicia and a dark or black background inhibits this. Additional costs may be incurred to correct a deficiency of this type.

Size, Shape, and Thickness

The Post Office will not accept items smaller than the minimum size. Items larger than the maximums are termed flats and cost more to mail. Post cards and letters must be rectangular in shape.

  • Letter-size
    Minimum: 3½ x 5 inches, .007 inches thick
    Maximum: 6½ x 11½ inches, .25 inches thick
  • Flat-size (long, flat envelopes, like a manuscript)
    Minimum: 6 1/8 x 11½ inches, .25 inches thick
    Maximum: 12 x 15 inches, .75 inches thick
  • Postcards
    Minimum: 3½ x 5 inches, .007 inches thick
    Maximum: 4¼ x 6 inches

The weight limit on a non-profit letter is 3.2873 ounces. Pieces over this weight limit are charged at the higher flats rate.

Indicia/Permit Imprint

A block indicating postage has been paid by Yeshiva University must be printed or imprinted by a meter on each mail piece. The postage rates for non-profit bulk mail are substantially less than First Class Mail. However, there are other costs associated with processing non-profit bulk mail. For more information contact Production Services. To learn more, see our indicias and permits page.