Create PDF

A PDF file is an all inclusive file that contains all the fonts and pictures used in the job. Most computers on campus have Adobe Acrobat, which is the software that is required to create a PDF file. PDF files are quickly becoming the standard file format in the printing industry.

Please follow the easy steps below and create a PDF file of your print project before submitting to Production Services for printing.

When you have finished, please attach the PDF file to the completed online order form that includes the file name(s) and all job details.

Using Adobe Acrobat Distiller

First Check Settings In Adobe Acrobat Disitller

  1. Open Acrobat Distiller Aplication
  2. Job Options > Choose "Print Optimized"
  3. Settings > Job Options > Fonts > Check "Embed All Fonts" > OK

Close Acrobat Distiller (these options will stay in effect until the next time the application is changed).

Using Adobe Acrobat Professional

To Create a PDF File in most applications:

  1. Select File > Advanced Print Settings
  2. Fonts > "Use only publication fonts"
  3. Graphics > "Print full-resolution linked graphics"
  4. OK
  5. Under Properties:
  6. Page Set Up > Set up parameters of your job
  7. Font Embedding > Embed All Fonts
  8. OK