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    MaccaBuy Roles

    •  Requesters and Approvers have to log into MaccaBuy through the  InsideTrack portal.
    •  As a reminder below are the MaccaBuyRoles:

    Shopper – These users can shop for items and assign their shopping cart to Requesters to process, but cannot themselves submit a cart for approvals. This is the most common role in the procurement process, with many shoppers in each School/Department. If you used to shop on SciQuest and assign your cart to someone else for processing and currently had no access to Jacada for procurement then you are a shopper and should attend Shopper training.

    Requisitioner (Requester) – These users can shop for items, change/add GL number(s) on carts assigned to them, and submit carts to approval workflows. Typically, there are several requesters in each School/Department depending on the size of the department. If you used to access Jacada and create requisitions - you should attend Requester training.

    Approver – These users review (approve and reject) purchase requisitions that are assigned to them by the system based on their function (typically, it is the Departmental Administrators and Manager).  Approvers can also shop. There are usually one or two per School/Department and most often this role is performed by the Administrator, Director, or Manager (similar to the “Budget Manager” role in Banner Finance). If you used to go into Jacada and approve requisitions/create POs - you should attend Approver training.

    Requestor/Approver -  This is a new role, created based on feedback from our user community. It is a combination of the Requester and the Approver roles. Caution should be exercised when giving some-one the Approver/Requester authorization, as he/she will be able to approve their own orders (requisitions) up to $5,000, and can also approve orders - under $5,000 - of other Requesters within the Department, Division, or School.
    It is recommended by our auditors, and a good procurement practice in general, that a request for goods and services has two levels of approval, a requisitioner (Requester) and an Approver.  However, in certain cases we understand that this is not entirely possible.  If this is the case in your Department, Division, or School you can request that certain individuals be given the Approver/ Requester role.

    • If  you are unsure of your role in MaccaBuy, you should access the  MaccaBuy site and click on the profile tab (next to your name on the home screen)
    • There are technical issues that are happening now between Inside Track and MaccaBuy, however, if this is your first time logging in and you are a Requestor or an Approver in MaccaBuy, when you get the second  log in screen, you must  enter your YU AD credentials (not Jacada, not SciQuest, not Kronos).
    • If  you have tried that and you still have issues, please contact the help desk at #6123 or helpdesk@yu.edu.
    • If you’re having problems with your index or any GL/FOAP related questions, please contact the help desk at #6123 or helpdesk@yu.edu.
    • MaccaBuy includes dynamic workflow that moves the requisition through the system based and roles and security.  If you’re a Requestor you should utilize the workflow by  not assigning the cart to your approver. You have to click “Submit to Workflow”. Your approver will not be able to process your request if it is not in Workflow. Although the system allows you to put multiple vendors on one requisition, do not put multiple vendors on a Freezer Program order.
    • Invoices that were received after the 12/21 deadline or those that remained on your last referral report have to be re-entered into MaccaBuy using the Request for Payment Form located in the Showcase Form section in MaccaBuy. This does not apply to invoices paid against blanket orders. Blanket orders will be converted into MaccaBuy, by mid-January.

    When to Use This Form: 

    • To purchase goods and services not found in a SciQuest catalog, from contracted and other suppliers.

    • This form should also be used for contracted services, independent contractors/consultants, service and repair contracts, and any other orders that have contracts associated with them. Please be sure to attach all necessary documentation to this form in order to avoid delaying your request.

    • This form can be used for "confirmation only" type orders. Confirmation type orders are permitted only in a bona fide emergency situation. This type of PO will only be sent to supplier if you choose the "yes" option.

    • Please note: You will need to enter "Yeshiva Purchasing Department" as the supplier if you cannot find a supplier in the search or if it is a new vendor to be added.


    When to Use This Form: 

    A Blanket Order/Standing Order is a term contract or basic agreement between the University and a supplier. It is issued to a specific supplier to address recurring low dollar purchases of consumable supplies or services, for a specific period of time. A Blanket Order is issued to support an existing contract, or independently, after all terms and conditions have been negotiated.
    You must include the following information:
    • The period to be covered by the blanket agreement (cannot exceed one fiscal year)
    • The previous Blanket Order number, if this is a replacement Blanket Order
    • Items and/or categories of items to be covered by the Blanket Order (when available). In the case of a standing order, quantities and day/time of delivery are required
    • Maximum quantities, if any
    • Prices and pricing arrangements


    • This form is for interdepartmental use only. Please submit this form when requesting 190/200 proof Alcohol.
    • Requestor originates alcohol order form specifying type and quantity.
    • Necessary approvals secured. Order form/pr is forwarded to Central Stores.
    • Requestor goes to Central Stores Alcohol Room to obtain product.
    • Central Stores Clerk dispenses requested alcohol.
    • Requestor enters receipt data.

    • This form is to be used for payments to vendors only when use of a PO or a P-card is not possible.
    • Invoices, receipts or other supporting documentation must be attached to this form. Incomplete forms will be returned.
    • Documentation must identify: Date of purchase, Name of vendor, Itemized list of goods, and the Total amount.
    • For all types employee or student payments, including travel and non-travel expenses, please click the link below to be taken to the Employee/Student Payment form which is not a part of SciQuest.
    • Follow the instructions on the form for payment processing.

    • Use this form to obtain approval to present an honorarium or hire a guest lecturer. The definition of a "Guest Lecturer" shall include distinguished faculty, eminent or renown individuals presenting lecturers, speeches, seminars, workshops, and performances.
    • Do not use this form when services from Yeshiva University staff, faculty members, or students are used.

    • This form must accompany any Non Catalog or Blanket Order Form with a dollar value of $7500 or greater if the department can certify that a legitimate bid waiver is necessary.

    • University policy requires competitive bidding for procurements over $7,500.00 unless it qualifies as a Sole Source procurement.

    • Use this form to request a change to a Purchase Order that has already been sent to the supplier.

    • This form is for interdepartmental use only. This form must accompany any Non Catalog or Blanket Order Form when requesting refrigerator/freezer commodities.

    Please visit the Banner Procurement instructional page of the eLearning site: http://training.yu.edu/gm/folder-1.11.1709 

    Additional MaccaBuy training has been scheduled to begin on 1/7 for 3 weeks. Please visit the Procurement website at: http://yu.edu/procurement/staff-training/. Space in each session is limited to 12 participants, so please e-mail abutta@yu.edu with the specific session you would like to attend. You are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation.  

    Contact Us

    We are located in Room 105 in the Belfer Educational Center for Health Sciences (MAP) on the Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus. Our address is:

    Yeshiva University
    Procurement Services
    1300 Morris Park Ave
    Bronx, NY 10461
    Telephone: 718.430.3001
    Fax: 718.430.8700
    E-mail: purchasing@yu.edu 

    We are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    The Enzyme Freezer Program is also located in the Belfer Educational Center for Health Sciences, Room B-12, and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please click here to see items in the Freezer Program.

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