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Frequently Asked Questions—Women's Campus

What Is the YU ID Card?

Your ID Card has many purposes on campus: it serves as your identification card that you will use to gain access to University buildings, your Dining Club card (caf card), your library card and your ID to get onto the shuttles. You must show your ID card, with a current semester sticker (which identifies you as being currently enrolled in the University and is handed out at the start of every semester by security in the college buildings), as you enter every YU building. On the back of your ID are numbers for Security Stations:

Beren Campus: 212.340.7460
Wilf Campus: 212.960.5200

Tell Me About YU Dining and the Caf Card

The cafs, or cafeterias, are located in the lower level of each of the college buildings.

  • Kushner Dining Hall, located in Stanton Hall, 245 Lexington Ave.
  • Le Bistro, ocated in the 215 Lexington Avenue building

Your YU ID card also serves as your caf card. In the cafs and the caf stores (stores on campus where food and other items can be purchased), your ID card serves as a declining balance food card. At the start of each semester, money is added to your Dining Club account, which you may then use to purchase food and other items in the cafs or caf stores. Each time you make a purchase, the register’s customer screen shows how much is left on your card.

There are two Caf Stores located on the Beren Campus: 


  • Milners, located in the back lounge of Brookdale Residence Hall, 50 East 34th Street (between Park and Madison avenues). Hours: 8 p.m. - midnight, Sunday through Thursday.
  • Caf Store (the "C" store) is located in Schottenstein Residence Hall, 119 East 20th Street (between Park and Lexington avenues) on the first floor. Hours: 8 p.m. midnight Sunday through Thursday. 


To learn more, see Dining Services.

Where Are YU's Batei Midrash and Libraries?

Whether it's on your own or Chavruta style, our three Batei Midrash locations provide the perfect setting for Torah study on the Beren Campus. Especially exciting is our T-cubed, Torah on Tuesdays with TAC (Torah Activities Council), learning program in the Lea and Leon Eisenberg Beit Midrash,on the seventh floor of Stanton Hall, 245 Lexington Avenue.

  • Lea and Leon Eisenberg Beit Midrash Stanton Hall, 245 Lexington Avenue, 7th Floor
  • Brookdale Residence Hall 50 E. 34th Street, Room 2C
  • Schottenstein Residence Hall 119 E. 29th Street, 2nd Floor


The Second Floor library entrance is on the 2nd floor of Stanton Hall and will be directly in front of you when you get off of the elevator or out of the stairwell. The North Wing Library is located in the 35th Street wing. To get there, take the staircase farther from the main entrance, go through the double doors, past the elevators and down the stairs. Go through the door directly in front of you and make a left and go to the end of the hallway. Make another left up the ramp and the North Wing Library will be directly in front of you.

Hours for the libraries vary, depending on the time of year. There are extended library hours during midterms and finals and regular hours during the rest of the year. To take something out of the library, you must register your ID Card, which serves as your library card. Learn more about YU libraries.

What and Where Are the Stern Facilities?

Ronald P. Stanton Hall, 245 Lexington Avenue (between 34th and 35th streets)
This building houses:

  • Kushner Dining Hall (caf), basement level
  • Beren Campus Judaic Studies and Research libraries, 1st and 2nd floors
  • Science Labs, 5th floor (see directions below)
  • Computer Lab, 3rd floor
  • Student photocopy machines, in both libraries
  • Beit Midrash, 7th floor
  • Koch Auditorium (see directions below), Faculty Offices and Classrooms, off the 2nd floor


The science labs are located in the 35th Street Wing. To get to the labs, take the elevator to the 5th floor and make a left. Straight ahead are two doors. Take the door on the right. Follow the hallway and you'll find yourself on the 4th floor of the science lab wing. From there, keep walking until you either find your lab or have to take another set of stairs up to the 5th floor of the science wing. The different labs are clearly marked. It's confusing the first couple of times, so bring a buddy and a map!

Koch Auditorium is a communal space where lectures, Shabbat meals and programs take place. To get to Koch Auditorium, take the elevator or stairwell to the 2nd floor. Make a left out of the elevator or stairs and go up the small set of stairs to your left. Follow the signs and hallway to the end. Koch Auditorium will be on your left.

215 Lexington Avenue Building (corner of 33rd Street and Lexington Avenue)
This building houses:

  • Le Bistro (caf), Basement level
  • Two Computer Labs, 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Office of Admissions, 2nd floor
  • Sy Syms Academic Advisement, 3rd floor
  • Career Center, 5th floor
  • Office of International Students and Scholars, 5th Floor
  • Office of Student Affairs, 5th floor
  • Office of Student Life, 5th floor
  • Office of Spiritual Guidance, 5th Floor
  • University Housing and Residence Life, 5th Floor
  • Office of the Dean, 6th floor
  • Office of the Registrar, 6th floor
  • Academic Advisement, 6th floor
  • Office of Student Finance, 6th floor
  • Writing Center, 7th floor
  • Art Studios and Faculty Offices, 8th floor


What Are Some Other YU Resources and Services?

Shuttle Service
Yeshiva University's Department of Safety and Security provides intra- and intercampus shuttle services on a scheduled basis. On–campus shuttles are called locals. The local will transport you, upon request, to the different campus buildings. To call a local to pick you up, go to the security desk located in the front lobby of each building, and ask for a shuttle to be called. Security will notify you when the shuttle has arrived.

The intercampus shuttle, commonly known as the uptown shuttle, goes between the Beren Campus starting at Brookdale Residence Hall, and the Wilf Campus, ending at 186th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

To sign up for a shuttle going uptown, call 212.340.7460 after 11 a.m. To sign up for a shuttle going to midtown, call 212.960.5200 after 11 a.m.

*If you ever forget or lose a number, remember—they’re all on the back of your ID card!

Angel is one of the University's online resources for course communication and organization. It is a Web-based course management program that allows you to communicate with your classmates and professors as well as keep up with your course assignments. If your professor plans on utilizing Angel, the professor will discuss how much or how little it will be a part of your course at the beginning of the semester.

My YU is the site you use to access your student records, schedule of classes, academic standing, etc. You use your YU ID number and six-digit password to enter the site. There are instructions on how to create your password on the MY YU page. Once you are logged in, you can look up classes, register for classes, check your academic standing, check your financial standing and check your "week at a glance" (a computer-generated version of your schedule of classes).

Computers & Photocopying
Computers labs are located in Stanton Hall on the 3rd floor and in the 215 Lexington Avenue building on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

There is access to photocopying in the Hedi Steinberg North Wing Library. Use your computer user name and password to log onto the copier.

Office of the Registrar
The Office of the Registrar maintains your official academic records, coordinates registration and issues transcripts. It is located on the 6th floor of the 215 Lexington Avenue building.

Academic Advisement
Academic advisement is available at two centers: Academic Advisement Center or the Beren Writing Center. Information on how to make an appointment with each center is available on the respective site.

To make an appointment with Sy Syms Academic Advisement, call 917.326.4842.

Office of Student Finance
The Office of Student Finance on the Beren Campus is located on the 6th floor of the 215 Lexington Avenue building and is open during the academic year. During the summer months, the Office of Student Finance can be reached at the Wilf Campus at 212.960.5399 or at

Office of Student Life
The Office of Student Life is committed to making each Yeshiva University student's undergraduate experience as positive as possible. Whether it is helping you manage your educational, social or general welfare, or planning fun-filled and exciting events, we offer many different services to help you meet your needs. Our mission is to serve as a guide and a resource to each and every member of the student body and assist you in maximizing your potential as part of the YU community. Our office is located on the 5th floor of the 215 Lexington Avenue building. Learn more about student life at YU.

Career Center
The Career Center offers a wide range of programs and resources to undergraduate students at YU. Its mission is to educate and empower students to actively explore, clarify and implement their academic, life and career goals; partner with employers, alumni and community supporters to facilitate career opportunities and informational resources for students; and support students in their efforts to integrate their values and ethics into their chosen careers toward the advancement of the Jewish community and the world at large.

The Career Center is located on the 5th floor of the 215 Lexington Avenue building.

University Housing and Residence Life
University Housing and Residence Life (UHRL) oversees all things pertaining to housing assignments, living on campus and resident event planning. Each dorm has a UHRL office where you can sort out your housing issues, meet with a member of the team of resident advisers (RAs) and GAs, or just hang out after a long day.

Resident Advisers
The 24 resident advisers (RAs) are undergraduate student leaders who serve as resources for resident students. In Brookdale Residence Hall, RAs live in the “F” room (the RA for floors 2 and 3 lives in room 3F, and for floors 19 and 20, in room 19A). In Schottenstein and 36th Street residence halls, RAs live on each floor in a designated room. In 35th Street, the RA lives in Apt 7A. For more information about your resident adviser, visit her nightly in the RA office in each of dorm.

What Is Shabbat Like on Campus?

Shabbat at the Beren Campus is an integral part of YU student life. Sponsored by the Office of Student Life, Shabbat programming throughout the year is filled with ruach and provides a warm, exciting Shabbat experience for everyone. You will have the opportunity to hear stimulating guest speakers, attend study sessions and meet informally with faculty and fellow students. We strongly encourage you to join us for Shabbat during the semester.

You can sign up for Shabbat in either of the cafs on campus (Kushner Dining Hall or Le Bistro) by Wednesday, 1p.m.