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Katz School pathways for YU seniors

Start this fall and be job-ready in just one year.

Graduating YU seniors, earn a master’s degree that builds real-world skills and readies you for in-demand, high-wage careers.

Pathways Benefits

  • 50% tuition scholarship 
  • Guaranteed admissions
  • STEM OPT-eligibility for international students

Eligible Master's Programs

Yeshiva University Undergraduate 2017 ‐2018
Tuition and Fees

Direct Cost ‐ Tuition and Fees $40,000
Registration Fee $450
Student Activity Fee $250
University Fee $1,300
Total Tuition and Fees (all students) $42,000
Part‐Time Tuition (Per Credit) $1,430
Health Insurance Per Term (Required for All Students) $3,398

Click here for Summer 2017 

Office of Events Policies & Procedures

  • The Risk Management Department has created guidelines for hosting on-campus events and it can be found here.
  • The Office of Events cannot schedule academic spaces (classrooms, computer labs or any other space in which a class takes place) until the first week of each academic semester. Once the Office of the Registrar finalizes the class schedule, these spaces will be available to be assigned for event use. 
  • Any event request fo
Accreditation and Curriculum

About Us


  • Providing guidance to faculty in the proposal and new program registration process required by NYSED
  • Assisting in the ongoing management of registered programs
  • Providing advice and support during the proposal and submission processes
  • Facilitating preparat

What is 25Live?

The official event scheduling system of Yeshiva University is 25Live. Submitting an event request through this system allows you to request rooms, setups, and related resources as well as promote it on the University Event Calendars. 25Live is a web-based event publishing and scheduling application that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. 25Live streamlines the process of event scheduling by providing recommended locations based on attendee count and real-time availability.

Event Information

In 25Live, go to the Events tab. 
Select the Search For Events tab. 
Enter a Keyword in the box. 
Note: Please try to be specific, but brief. 
Ensure that the Dates: field is set to ‘Current and Future Dates’, so you don’t get all the events, unless that’s what you need. 
Select ‘Load List’ 

You should get all the scheduled events that contain your search term in the title.

Requesting a Single Event


Once logged onto the system, select the ‘Create an Event’ button in the middle of the page. 

Create Event 1

This will open the Event Wizard.



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