Dafna's Story


Hi. I’m Dafna Meyers from West Rogers Park, Illinois and choosing to go to Yeshiva University was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The Biology department is incredible and gave me the knowledge and tools to receive an internship at a Gastroenterology lab at the University of Chicago. After a course in Computer Science, I discovered a new interest that has led my career plans in a new direction. Programming uses a different type of logic and requires you to think in a very critical, analytical way. I decided to minor in Computer Science and am now president of the CS club.

This past October, a friend and I ran YU’s Hackathon. It was a great event, bringing together more than one hundred programmers to create new applications and promote entrepreneurship and creative-thinking. Many other schools organize Hackathons but, as 24-hour events, they are almost always held Friday to Saturday. The YU Hackathon is the only such event available for Shomer Shabbat men and women. It attracts Jewish students from high schools and universities across the New York Metropolitan area.

One of the reasons I chose to attend YU over other colleges was because of the religious life.  It’s such a nice feeling to be in an environment that supports my values and what I believe in, including the concept of Torah Umadda and celebrating the state of Israel. Between the small class size, dorm life and the friends I’ve made here, I’m so excited for my final year here.